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2013 0629Canfield0169

XDP Diesel (Also called Smokin' Monster) is a Ford monster truck driven by Dave Radzierez. The truck is famous for being the only competing diesel monster truck and in 2014 became the first diesel monster truck to complete a full backflip. The truck runs a Hemi Cummins engine with a single smoke stack as the exhaust. The truck runs during the spring through the fall as the heavy ammount of exhaust from the diesel engine prevents it from running in the confined spaces used during the winter. It was run alongside Holman Motorsports until 2014, where it became its own team.

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Late 2016


2014-2016, under Radzierez racing

2013 0629Canfield0528
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XDP during it's first backflip

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On the holman motorsports chassis


XDP circa 2012-2013 under Holman Motorsports



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