Wrecking Crew
Wrecking Crew2017
Wrecking Crew circa 2017


Team Scream


Mike Thompson

Body Style

2002 Chevy S-10


Blown 540 Chevrolet Big Block


Coan/Bewick Turbo 400 transmission


Allen Pezo Racing Wheels



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In late 2017

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Wrecking Crew debuted in 2005. Before 2009, the truck was primarily an extra name for the team. In 2009, Steve Koehler, who had been crewing for his brother, Jim Koehler, began driving the truck. Wrecking Crew was run on the original Avenger chassis and ran it from 2009 through March 2017, when the 2008 version of Avenger became this truck. The original chassis was built in 1996.


In 2009,Wrecking Crew came onto the scene being driven by Steve Koehler, the crew chief for his brother, Jim. Chris Bergeron drove the truck at Monster Jam World Finals 11 as an encore on the Brutus chassis. Wrecking Crew has usually competed alongside Avenger, and, in 2014, Wrecking Crew was invited to the Young Guns Shootout. In 2015, Wrecking Crew is featured as one of the 16 trucks in the Fox Sports 1 Championship Series. John Killinger and Dave Radizerez both drove the truck in 2016 in place of Steve Koehler. Mike Thompson (Lumberjack 2016 driver) drove this truck in Monster Jam Stadium Tour #3 in 2017. At the World Finals the 2008 version of Avenger is converted to a newer version of Wrecking Crew. In June of 2017 the truck is replaced by Axe, but the Wrecking Crew body is still run on ocassion.


  • Wrecking Crew's chassis is also used for General Tire. Steve has driven General Tire in 2009 and 2014. Wrecking Crew's body is used for radio station trucks, such as Detroit-based D-Molisher and Big 105.9.
    WreckingCrew15 01 0

    Circa 2015


    Wrecking Crew circa 2005,2009-2010

    Monster Jam World Finals 11 Encore Wrecking Crew

    Wrecking Crew on the Brutus chassis at Monster Jam World Finals 11

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Wrecking Crew ATV (behind Avenger)


2015 Wrecking Crew Hot Wheels prototype image on the Bad News prototype.

2008 20-Wrecking Crew (2)

2008 Wrecking Crew Hot Wheels toy.

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