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DX 3193

Wild Thang in 2016, with the purple beadlocks

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Wild Thang 2014 - Present

Wild Thang is a custom skull monster truck driven by Doug Charles out of Portridge, Indiana. Wild Thang was originally one of the first full 3D trucks and was dormant from its retirement in 2007 until Charles brought the truck back to performance in 2014, and still drives it today.

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A memorial sticker on the side of the 2015-present Wild Thang


  • 1996 - Wild Thang debuts being driven by Tony Farrell.
  • 2001 - Wild Thang is sold to Paul Shafer after Tony joins PACE Motorsports.
  • 2007 - Wild Thang performs for the last time until its return seven years later.
  • 2014 - Doug Charles debuts a brand new Wild Thang at the World Finals.
  • 2015 - Wild Thang V2 starts competing full time.
  • 2015 - Original Wild Thang driver Tony Farrell. tragically passes away after being fatally struck by a drunk driver at a concert.
  • 2016 - Wild Thang officially returns to Monster Jam Competition and it celebrates the truck's 20th anniversary.
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    Second Wild Thang, First Wild Thang run by Shafer


    First Wild Thang

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