WildFlower16 02
DX 1921 0

circa 2016

C8p3YQIWAAE-iHp.jpg large
Tumblr n3gnc5Pz1F1qfyjoto1 500

Wild Flower

Wild Flower is a custom Ford monster truck driven by Rosalee Ramer out of Watsonville, California. Wild Flower made its debut at World Finals XV in 2014 and was previously known as Detour. Rosalee was featured on Ellen driving Detour in 2014. The truck runs as Detour during the winter. It made it's Monster Jam debut in late 2015 due to age restrictions. It made its World Finals debut in 2017.

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Wild Flower with the Detour body

DX 2053

Wild Flower backflipping

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