War Wizard
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War Wizard 2018


Randy Moore


Darrin Goin

Body Style

Stylized 1941 Willys




2 Speed Planetary


66" Terra / BKT



War Wizard is a 1941 Willys driven by Shane Phreed and RJ Turner and is owned Randy Moore out of Bristol, Tennessee. War Wizard is best known for its wild body and paint schemes, most of them constantly changing. War Wizard's driver, Randy Moore is also known for his attempts for the speed record in a monster truck.


  • 2003 - War Wizard debuts.
  • Late 2004 - War Wizard takes part in its first televised race in Montreal, Quebec.
  • 2005 - War Wizard sets the speed record for a monster truck.
  • 2006 - A hard landing in Atlanta destroys the original War Wizard chassis, and it is run on the old Little Tiger chassis (at this point renamed Total Chaos) for the rest of the year.
  • 2007 - A new chassis and scheme debuts for War Wizard.
  • 2008 - A Live Nation version of War Wizard competes across Europe with driver Bobby Z.
  • 2008 - War Wizard is featured in Monster Jam: Urban Assault.
  • 2009 - War Wizard competes in Monster Jam World Finals 10.
  • 2010 - War Wizard takes part of Monster Jam Live.
  • 2013 - Randy Moore and War Wizard celebrate their 10th Anniversary.
  • 2014 - Darrin Goin begins to drive War Wizard along with Moore.
  • 2015 - War Wizard is selected to take part of the Fox Sports 1 Championship Series.
  • 2016 - War Wizard competes in the second Fox Sports 1 Championship Series with Shane Phreed driving the truck.
  • 2017- The truck competes in the Fox Sports East Series with Shane Phreed once again driving. RJ Turner starts driving during the summer.

2006 Bad Luck Season

2006 was a strangely unlucky year for Randy Moore. First, in Pontiac 2006, he could not compete in the event due to a qualifying incident where he suffered a hard landing, which in turn knocked Randy out, and causing the truck to continue forward where it slammed into the wall protection, and climbed up it. Next, in Atlanta, Randy would suffer two seperate transmission failures, requiring the full removal and replacement twice. Then, when he came out for freestyle, his first hit was angled at such a way, that when the truck landed, it ripped off nearly every shock, and destroyed the chassis. Randy was able to buy the "Little Tiger" chassis (actually Total Chaos chassis), and would use it for the rest of the year. On the way to Tampa, Randy's Rig nearly ran out of oil, and he even popped one of the tires.At Tampa, TG Short could not compete in Spellcaster due to a back injury, so Randy had to get Derek Evans to drive for Spellcaster, and when War Wizard (the body now sectioned and taped together on the Little Tiger chassis) came out to qualify, the first car stack he went over popped his rear right tire, causing him to not be able to compete for the rest of the show. At the next show, a small arena show, the truck's throttle stuck during a donut, and it drove into a wall.