2 truck crash

Bigfoot (left) and Carolina Crusher (right) crash together during a race.

There have been various monster truck accidents throughout the years of monster truck history. While there have been few injuries, there have also been a handful of unusual accidents as well. It should be noted here that none of the incidents listed below were fatal.

Backwards Bob

In 2015, Backwards Bob was destroyed in an accidental trailer fire. Nobody was injured in the incident, and the truck's teammate, Grave Digger, was salvaged from the wreck. The truck later returned with a spare body on a backup PEI chassis. The incident bared similar resemblance to that of Fire Core crusher, as listed below. The backup chassis used was actually the original Northern Nightmare, which ironically suffered a major engine fire during it's last show.

​Bad News Travels Fast

During an event in Des Moines, IA in 2008 the entire front axle of Bad News Travels Fast separated from the rest of the truck. As Bruce Haney started his freestyle he got the truck to perform a small power wheelie, the left front tire then clipped a car stack which in turn broke the entire front housing off the truck. The crash was nominated for the 2008 crash madness award from Monster Jam.


In a monster truck show in 2018, Barbarian nearly crashed into the stands. As the truck hit a car pad, jt landed on its side. As driver Devin Jones tried to save it, the truck crashed with the right rear tire in the stands only less than one foot away from spectators.


Bigfoot crash 1
Bigfoot crash 2

In January 2010, at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie Oklahoma, Bigfoot, driven by Rodney Tweedy, was reaching its final moments of freestyle when the truck to a sharp, right-hand turn and tilted onto its two left wheels. The truck rolled for the side-wall, directly where spectators were sitting (since this was not a Monster Jam event, none of the seats were closed off, as they are in Monster Jam). Just moments before what would have been a collision with the wall itself, the truck then rolled onto its roof (it is possible Tweedy did this on purpose, to prevent the truck from violently colliding with the wall). And one of the tires collided with a hand-rail just inches from where spectators were sitting. No spectators were injured nor was Tweedy. It was reportedly his first time ever rolling over in a monster truck.

Bigfoot #21

During a 2016 event in Miami, OK Larry Swim and Bigfoot 21 suffered a violent racing crash. In the final round race of the second event Swim was against Devin Jones and Barbarian. They both floored it down the track and Swim just edged out Jones. After the finish Bigfoot ran head on into a delivery truck stack with dirt on the opposite side. The impact completely destroyed the car and van the truck collided with and the truck ended up springing off the obstacle, twisting on the left front tire and slamming down on it's side. Swim was unharmed but the truck was severely damaged, causing the team to miss freestyle and lose their chance at the weekend points title.

Bigfoot and Nightmare

During a race between Bigfoot and Nightmare, both trucks landed awkwardly, and ended up crashing together.
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Carolina Crusher, Crashing

Bigfoot shot to the end of the track, and landed rear tires first. The sudden landing jolted the rear wheels up. The truck suddenly overbalanced, and flipped over. Nightmare on the other hand, landed in such a way that broke the rear axle. The truck suddenly swerved left, out of control. The truck hit the next set of cars very awkwardly, which sent it into a skywheelie. The truck then bounced sideways, and into the side protection, feet from the fans. No one was seriously injured, but Bigfoot sustained heavy damage, and Nightmare more so.

Bear Foot and Carolina Crusher

During a race in West Lebanon, Bear Foot clipped Carolina Crusher after it lost control. Bear Foot struck Carolina crusher hard, which caused it to over balance at high speed,and roll violently after the finish line. It is unknown if Gary Porter was hurt in the crash.


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Blacksmith, After Flipping into The Dumpsters.


Boogey Van, Hitting The Wall Hard, Breaking Both Right Front And Right Rear Wheels Off.

During the Monster Jam World Finals 2, Blacksmith was racing against Blue Thunder in the semi-finals. Blacksmith won, but the truck overturned and rolled a few times before rolling over and landing in-between two dumpsters. Driver Pablo Huffaker was uninjured in the crash. Despite attempts to retrieve the truck from where it came to rest, they were unable to, and the truck was left there for the rest of the night. Huffaker would borrow Ragin Steel for freestyle.

Blacksmith 2002

During the 2002 San Diego Monster Jam event Black Smith landed upside down in an obstacle. During freestyle Norm Miller lined up for the yet hit delivery van stack. After Miller hit the first car the truck went straight up and rotated backwards while traveling forward. The truck landed upside down, coming to rest inside the delivery truck, a van, and a car.

The Black Pearl

During round 2 of the Monster Jam World Finals 19 racing bracket, Black Pearl drifted in Thunder Alley and went up onto the jersey barriers (cement barriers) lining the track. This caused the front tie rod to break and as Cole Venard attempted to finish the race he lost control, flipped violently and slammed into the wall. Cole was unharmed, but the impact smashed a railing at the edge of the wall and severely damaged the truck.

Boogey Van

Boogey Van was involved in a infamous accident in Pontiac 1995, where the truck had crashed full on into the stadium wall, resulting in the impact knocking off both the front right, and rear right tires. It destroyed 14 feet of the stadium wall. Driver Pam Vahle was in the hospital for four days as a result of the impact.

​Bounty Hunter

During the second Minneapolis event of 2002, Bounty Hunter lost both rear wheels at the same time. On his third hit Creten lined up for the big air jump and came up short,causing the rear hounding to clip the landing pad. The left rear snapped of almost immediately, it also took the entire wheel assembly and housing with it. The right rear also snapped off moments later and it ended up folding up underneath the right side of the rear housing. The truck came to rest with the rear end perfectly balanced on the right rear tire.

Bounty Hunter (2018)

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Bounty Hunter, continuing the race while being consumed in flames in Quebec, Canada.

At the Montreal Monster Spectacular in Canada 2018, Jimmy Creten and Bounty Hunter made it to the semi-finals of racing against AJ Ganci in Axe. As the trucks began the race, Bounty Hunter's engine exploded, bursting into a large fire. Bounty Hunter, however, did not stop, and attempted to complete the lap, the truck streaming fire from behind. Eventually, the truck was shut down, and the fire extinguished. A few weeks later, this time in Monster Jam in Santa Clara, Bounty Hunter, still under Creten, almost suffered the same incident almost happened during a first round race against Ryan Anderson in Son-uva Digger. This time the motor did not burst into flames, it only produced smoke throughout the whole race. The truck once again, still finished the race even resulting in a close photo finish loss.


IMG 4152

Brutus drives out of the pits...

In Pontiac 2002, Brutus had driven out of the pits for freestyle when a tire rolled off two seconds after starting freestyle. The cause to this incident was because bolts hadn't been properly secured back on after a tire change, after the wheel nearly broke off during racing. As a result, the tire merely rolled away.

Burnin' Money & Monster Patrol

During a Monster Truck War show in Chile in 2010, during the intros, Burnin' Money accidentally hit one of Monster Patrol (Dabney)'s tires, causing the driver of Monster Patrol to fall and hit the floor (there was no dirt at the show). The driver of Monster Patrol was injured afterwards.

IMG 4153

...and the wheel rolls off a mere 2 seconds after starting.

Captain's Curse

Alex Blackwell in Captain's Curse was in the final race at Monster Jam World Finals 10 going up against Tom Meents in Maximum Destruction. As the truck turned the corner in the left lane, the throttle stuck, causing the truck to flip violently up over the wall and into the stands. The section of seats the truck landed in were closed off, so nobody was injured. The crash was censored from the SPEED broadcast of the episode, likely due to controversy regarding two unrelated fatal monster truck incidents earlier that year. However, the crash was uploaded to YouTube and has over 4 million views also the unseen footage of the crash was only showed in Europe. Dumpsters were placed on the edges of the stadium for all subsequent World Finals as a result of the incident. Amazingly enough, it is believed that this is the same chassis that ran as Blacksmith 8 years prior that crashed into the wall protection at World Finals 2. It is unknown if Alex Blackwell was hurt in this incident.

Snake Bite, Crushing Over Carolina Crusher.

Carolina Crusher and Snake Bite

During a race between Carolina Crusher and Snake Bite, Snake Bite lost control and crashed into Carolina Crusher, literally "crushing" the truck by going right over it. Carolina Crusher's fiberglass body was totally destroyed, but most of the chassis was still intact. No injuries happened from the accident.

Clydesdale, Master of Disaster, and Wild Hair


The collision

During a three way monster truck race between Clydesdale, Master of Disaster, and Wild Hair, a collision happened between Wild Hair and Clydesdale. Wild Hair, while attempting to stop after traveling too fast, swerved into the second lane, hitting Clydesdale, whom was tossed into the air, and into the wall. Nobody was seriously injured.


Crushstation ran over an announcer at a monster truck show in 2010. Thankfully, the announcer survived with only a broken pelvis.

Crushstation "Lobster Rolls"

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Crushstation was involved in two separate incidents that have been dubbed the "Lobster Roll" incidents. One was in 2015 at Detroit, where the truck was doing a wheelie, and clipped a jammer stack. The truck proceeded to flip end over end twice down the track, before it launched into the air, landing on top of the dumpster at the wall of the track, then sliding over, and stopping on top of the Storm Damage monster truck.


The truck would once again be involved in a similar accident, this time running the blue Crushstation body in Hartford Connecticut, The truck drove off of an omni ramp, and clipped the back of the truck. It rolled over, and flipped end over end, until it landed on top of the Instigator monster truck

Demon, Kimosabe, Showtime, and Weapon 1 Ride Truck


Demon, Kimosabe, Showtime, And Weapon 1 Ride Truck, That Were Burnt Down During A Massive Fire.

A devastating fire ravaged the 22,000 square foot shop of Trick Trucks, Inc. in Spring City, Pennsylvania on July 16, 1998. The monster trucks Rich Blackburne's Demon, Jack Brady's Kimosabe, Greg Peck's Showtime, and Bill Johnson's Weapon 1 ride truck were completely destroyed, along with shop machinery, parts and supplies. Fortunately no one was in the shop at the time and there were no injuries as a result of this blaze. The fire was caused from a faulty battery from a Power Wheels Bigfoot toy. The Toy Company had announced soon thereafter that the batteries in the trucks had been found to overcharge and combust, ultimately causing a fire. The toy trucks have since been recalled nationwide due to their apparent flaw, and Mattel is still selling the toys without further incident. Explosions were frequent as the shop contained racing fuel, welding, gas and propane tanks. Unexpected explosions came from the sixteen 66" Monster Truck tires that were stored in the shop after the air inside them became hot and expanded until they violently burst.

Desert Storm


Desert Storm's Crash


Desert Storm was a monster ride truck that was famous for its rollover on a beachside. The truck slipped on the sand on a dune, and overbalanced, and rolled on its side before sliding down the small slope in the sand. No injuries were reported.

El Perro Loco

in 2013 at an event in Mexico, El Perro Loco wheelied and came dangerously close to running into spectators on the track, this being due to the facts that there was spectators at track level with only a small fence for protection. The event happened less than a couple months prior from the fatal incident with Big Show in the same country.

El Toro Loco (2018)

IMG 20180503 192940

During the final round of a Triple Threat Central racing competition in Newark, NJ Kayla Blood went of the dirt and slid across the thin area of cement next to the track. As she tried to stop the right rear tire went under a portion of the wall and became stuck. The track team had to pull the truck out with a front loader, competition was stopped as event and arena officials surveyed the damage. El Toro Loco was repaired for two-wheel skills and the only real damage to the arena was a damaged temporary safety railing.

​El Toro Loco and Avenger

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Moments before impact

During qualifying in Atlanta in 2014 Avenger collided with El Toro Loco. Going into the final turn Avenger high sided and as Jim Koehler attempted to save the truck he went in between the turning cars and back towards the one racing jump, where Chuck Werner was finishing his qualifying pass in El Toro Loco. Avenger then drove straight into the left side of El Toro and proceeded to bounce off (similar to Titan at World Finals XV) and flip. Even though both trucks were damaged (El Toro minorly and Avenger severely), both drivers walked away uninjured, El Toro would return for round one of racing and Avenger would return for freestyle.  

El Toro Loco and Bounty Hunter


El Toro Loco flying past Bounty Hunter before the crash.

At Monster Jam World Finals 5, Bounty Hunter (driven by Jimmy Creten became stuck on the large trailer obstacle, where Lupe Soza in El Toro Loco would jump it in freestyle. El Toro Loco, with great speed, jumped the trailer, narrowly avoiding contact with the Bounty Hunter truck, and leaving it in the exact same place after jumping it. El Toro Loco would then crash, causing the back axle and tires to come loose. El Toro Loco would end up in a three-way-tie (the first and so far only time this has happened at the World Finals) along with Madusa, who later knocked down the Bounty Hunter truck from its place.

El Toro Loco 2004 Red Bluff Fire

In 2004, at the West Coast Monster Truck Nationals in Red Bluff California, Rob Knell was critically injured during a qualifying pass, driving El Toro Loco on a Willman. During the pass, the converter in his truck caused the transmission to explode, sending debris into fuel lines, and causing a massive explosion. The truck was completely engulfed in a raging fire as Rob Knell tried to get out for minutes. The fire was eventually quenched, and Rob was rescued from the truck, and airlifted to the Hospital. He was in critical condition, suffering 2nd degree burns over his body, a broken elbow, and several broken fingers. He would eventually make a return from 2006 and 2007, but then fully retired from Monster Jam. No footage of the accident survives as there was no known fans that videotaped the event.
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Firecore Crusher Burnt Down From A Trailer Fire. (Seen On Far Left.)

Fire core Crusher

FireCore Crusher was destroyed in a trailer fire on July 15th, 2013.

Grave Digger

Grave Digger 2

Grave Digger on Americas Funniest Home Videos

Grave Digger on Americas Funniest Home Videos

Video of the Grave Digger 2 accident being played on a America's Funniest Home Videos episode

At a show, Grave Digger 2 nearly drove into the crowd. The truck was stopped after it braked, and bumped into barrier protections.

Grave Digger 3


Grave Digger 3, flying at the stands, filmed by the camera that was hit

In 1992, Grave Digger 3 was involved in a serious accident during a race against Taurus at a show in Providence Rhode Island; the truck was being driven that day by driver Lyle Hancock. The truck bounced over a set of crush cars and was thrown forward, then back onto its back two tires, and then forward again, being flung up the side wall, colliding with a camera and nearly hit spectators in the first few rows of seats.

The truck's upturned wheels can be seen in the first two frames

Amazingly enough, the camera that it collided with was not destroyed, nor was the camera operator injured. Hancock was also uninjured while two spectators received minor injuries from debris. More humorously, according to Dennis Anderson commentating on footage of the crash, another spectator near the crash (who according to Anderson, was the camera operator's assistant) ended up spilling popcorn all over himself.

Grave Digger 9

In 1998, a 28 year old woman's arm was crushed after the Grave Digger 9 truck flipped over on a beach side in Virginia Beach Virginia. A driver at the event claimed that he saw a wave of water wash up on the shoreline, which is what turned the truck over, although no other witnesses saw this. There were 13 riders in total on the truck at the time of the incident and a total of them seven were injured. The other six were treated and later released, theses six passengers were aged 2-52. A lawsuit was filed, but it was ultimately dismissed, as the driver was not found to be at fault.

Grave Digger 14 (1)

16 dsfdsf- 3

Grave Digger 14, about to hit the dumpster

In 2003 in New Orleans, during freestyle, Dennis Anderson was involved in a very odd incident in which he gassed the truck at a ramp, which launched it into the air. He landed on the front tires, which pushed the truck into an odd pogo, where it keeled over, and slammed against a barrier, roof first. The dumpster pushed the rollcage down onto Dennis' head and shoulder. He would continue to drive until he broke his arm a few weeks later in a car accident.

Grave Digger 14 (2)

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In 2003, at the Monster Jam World Finals 4 practice, Pablo Huffaker drove Grave Digger #14. However, Pablo wasn't the same height as Dennis, and had trouble steering the truck. As a result, the truck crashed through Thunder Alley, and into a tree. Pablo used his regular truck, Grave Digger #16 for the rest of the show. He would use 14 for the encore.

​Grave Digger 18

During an event at the Philadelphia Spectrum in 2004, Grave Digger #18 got stuck on it's rear tires. During freestyle Rod Schmidt performed a sky wheelie over a van stack and as he contiuned his wheelie the truck shut off and became stuck in a wheelie position against one of the car stacks. The show ended with the track crew pulling the truck down with a loader. Schmidt would finish in second.

Grave Digger 19

In 2004 in New Orleans during freestyle one of the tires caught fire. At the end of his freestyle Dennis Anderson launched into a high speed donut, half-way through the left rear wheel came completely off the truck. It then went off the track where the grease on the inside of the wheel assembly burst into flames from the heat and sparks generated. The tire came to rest with the fire on the underside, extinguishing the fire.

Grave Digger 20

Img 7125

Grave Digger 20, Flipping Into The Dumpsters.

In 2006, during the last Pontiac Silverdome show in Pontiac, Michigan, Grave Digger 20 was involved in a wild wreck. The truck lost control of it's rear steering on the last jump, and it caused Grave Digger to swerve, and tip over. The truck proceeded to cartwheel, nearly hitting opponent Iron Outlaw, before it launched it's self into a dumpster, and tipping back onto all four wheels, taking the dumpster with it. The truck was fine, as was Dennis, and both made a comeback for Freestyle.

​​​​Grave Digger 23

​During a 2017 More Monster Jam event Tyler Menninga's Grave Digger 23 partially landed on a arena wall. During freestyle at one of the post World Finals events in Manchester, NH, Menninga hit a set of cars full throttle and lept up onto the arena pad. After landing on the pad the truck launched of the backside of the big air ramp and took a bad bounce, which caused the rear of the truck to rebound into the air. Menninga locked the brakes which caused the truck to pivot on the front end and coming smashing down of the dasher boards (hockey boards) at the end of the arena. The impact crushed a few boards, but it only took a few minutes to clean up the mess and continue the show. 

Grave Digger 30th Anniversary Encore

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Ryan Anderson, Injured.

During the encore at the Monster Jam World Finals 13, Son-Uva Digger driver Ryan Anderson was injured in the final stunt, where four Grave Digger trucks performed a simultaneous backflip off a railcar. Ryan Anderson's truck did not complete the flip, and landed on the rollcage, the impact which, was enough to break Ryan's back. Ambulances were called, and Ryan was escorted from the track. He eventually made a full recovery.

Grave Digger #30 and Lucas Oil Crusader

During the racing portion of the 2014 MetLife Stadium event there was some controversy surrounding Dennis Anderson. After being defeated by Linsey Weenk in the semi-final round ,Dennis went to drive up onto one of Crusader's front tires, during this Dennis inadvertently hit the throttle too hard causing Grave Diggers tire to fold up Crusaders hood. Weenk was not upset and said it gave him better vision for the finals after the hood was removed.
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Hooked Before Hitting Grave Digger.

Grave Digger/Hooked

During racing at Indianapolis in 2016, Grave Digger lost control, and jumped into Hooked's lane, whom landed directly on top of Grave Digger. Neither drivers were injured, and the trucks were eventually repaired.


16 -eddsf 5

The yellow turning pole making impact with the water pipe

During Monster Jam World Finals 2 racing, Goldberg hit a yellow turning pole, which launched into the air, and struck a water pipe, causing water to leak all over the right-side racing lane. While racing initially continued with the water leakage as normal, officials eventually agreed to alter the racing circuit. The trucks would instead start inside the stadium corridor, rather than outside like they usually did. This in turn caused some confusion involving Brian Barthel, driving Wolverine, who initially didn't see the flag waver signal the start of the race (the starting lights were outside the stadium therefore could not be used).
Gunslinger crash

Brutus, After Hitting Gunslinger.

Screenshot 2018-11-01-13-17-05
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Jailbreak, Breaking The Floor.


During a race in New Orleans, 2005, Brutus took off with a wheelie, and lost control of steering as the two trucks went over a main table top. Gunslinger was clipped by Brutus, and flipped over. Neither drivers were injured, But Gunslinger could not return for freestyle, resulting in a very angry Scott Hartsock. The crash was a result of Brutus suffering a broken axle when the race started.


During freestyle at Houston, Texas in 2002, Gunslinger lost control after launching off a freestyle ramp. The truck drifted to the right, before crashing into the stadium wall and flipping over. Scott Hartsock was unharmed, but the stadium was damaged.

Hot Stuff

In 1990, Hot Stuff was involved in a near fatal accident. Driver Todd Blaiser crashed Hot Stuff, upon impact the roof caved in and when the medics arrived Todd had no pulse, but was eventually resuscitated. He is still alive today.

Hurricane Force

At a Monster Jam show at Minneapolis in 2017, the front axle of Hurricane Force completely separated from the rest of the truck after a hard landing.

Ice Cream Man

Ice cream man truck flips in Okeechobee-0

Ice cream man truck flips in Okeechobee-0

The video of the Ice Cream Man accident

At a Monster Truck show in Okeechobee in 2018, Ice Cream Man crashed just a few feet from the stands.


During the first event if the 2018 Monster Events Fall Bash Instigator landed in closed seats. The truck twisted after making its first hit in wheelies and the front end landed in a closed area of folding chair seating. The truck was quickly fixed, but the impact damaged several seats and destroyed a fence and two posts.


Jailbreak was involved in an unusual accident in 2006 when the truck broke a water pipe inside a Georgia arena. The show the incident took place at had a concrete floor without any dirt at all. During a race, the truck jumped the cars, then came down hard after the car pile and struck the floor with enough force to break a water pipe that was underneath the surface of the track. Nobody was injured as the driver got out of the truck very quickly, but the show was delayed for about an hour to make repairs to the broken floor.

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In St. Louis 2017, Jester was involved in a strange race against Monster Energy, where the truck rolled over two times. The first time, Jester was leading against Monster Energy, but he took the turn too tightly, clipping a car, and pulling the truck over on the front left wheel, saving it perfectly. Positioned towards the finish ramp, the truck gassed at it, and clipped the side of the ramp, immediately flipping the truck sideways, where it broke a wheel off, and destroyed the body. Surprisingly, Jester returned for freestyle.

Monster Jam Opening Gothenburg 2008

Monster Jam Opening Gothenburg 2008

Jetix and Jurassic Attack collide (at 0:38)

Jetix and Jurassic Attack

In Gothenburg 2008, Jetix clipped the Feld Jurassic Attack during intros and tumbled across the floor, landing upright but off the track and on the uncovered running track.


Rolling over....

King Krunch

King Krunch was involved in an accident where the truck endo'd over, and landed in such a way that most of the chassis was destroyed. Scott was minorly injured in the accident.

King Krunch and Gunslinger

16 dsfsdff- 1

King Krunch, darting behind Gunslinger

King Krunch was involved in a strange incident that nearly led to a collision, or an impact in the wall, in 1998. During a race against Gunslinger, on the final jump, King Krunch had a steering failure, and a throttle stick. The truck rocketed just behind Gunslinger, and the engine was killed by an R.I.I switch, causing the truck to spin out before it could make contact with the wall.

King Kong


King Kong, Crashing Onto Some Police Cars.

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Lil' Eagle, Involved In The Trailer Crash.

King Kong was racing against Carolina Crusher at a speedway in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. The trucks raced across the crush cars where King Kong, the victor of the race, jumped a concrete barrier, took down a "76" gasoline sign, overturned, and landed upside down between two police cars. Thankfully, nobody was in the police cars and the driver escaped from the truck within 10 seconds and was uninjured. The police cars, however, were completely totaled, and were reportedly brand new police cars as well.

Lil' Eagle/Eagle

After Eagle was sold, and became Lil' Eagle, It was involved in an accident where it's trailer tipped over. Only the truck was injured, as no real humans were injured.

Lucas Oil Crusader


In Arlington Texas 2017, Lucas Oil Crusader almost caused a repeat of the Captain's Curse WF10 crash when the truck experienced a major crash while qualifying alongside Gas Monkey Garage. On the final jump, the truck swerved into the dumpsters and violently wrecked while completely tumbling across one of the dumpsters. The truck would have very likely landed in the stands if it weren't for the dumpsters placed on the sides of the stadium (especially given the low wall height at AT&T stadium). The truck came to rest on all fours near the backflip ramp. Amazingly enough, Linsey Weenk made the top 8 fastest times and made it to the final round where he faced off against Gas Monkey Garage once again. Weenk won the race with no problems but Gas Monkey rolled as they crossed the final jump.

​Lucas Oil Crusader and Max-D #8

During the 2017 fall Houston show Lucas Oil Crusader and Max-D #8 suffered a double wreck. On his second jump of the round two race Tom Meents landed hard which caused the truck to rebound and twist to the right, Meents stayed in the throttle and the truck flipped onto it's side and then back up-right onto all four tires and landed in an open corner of the stadium. As Linsey Weenk came around to the same jump to finish his pass the back end of the truck washed out slightly and as it left the ramp the truck twisted to the left and upon landing the truck proceeded to flip end over end and land upside down on the trunk of a turn car. Meents and Max-D were back for the two- wheel competition (which he won) and Weenk and Crusader returned for the next round and went on to win the racing bracket.  

Madusa and Ice Cream Man


In Atlanta in 2013 Madusa collided with a parked Ice Cream Man. After Ice Cream Man had a short freestyle run in which the left rear wheel broke off, the truck was placed on the edge of the dirt for the remainder of the competition. A few competitors later Madusa came out and performed a wheelie off the biggest obstacle on the floor. Unfortunately she hit the obstacle partially side ways, and as she rode the wheelie the truck went off the course and straight into Ice Cream Man. Ice Cream Man had severe damage to it's right side and Madusa had damage to the front end.

Major Obsession


This truck is famous for its accident in Tacoma, where the throttle stuck during racing and hit a cement barrier placed about 5 feet from wall, which launched it up the stadium wall.

​Master of Disaster and Hotsy

Both Master of Disaster and Hotsy rolled during a race in 2017 in Tupelo, MS. As they entered the last turn Master of Disaster cut the turn too close and clipped the turn car and rolled before Paul Strong could recover. As Hotsy came across the finish line the truck clipped the pad in the center and rolled. Both trucks ended up on the same end of the track and right across from each other. This is only the third instance ever where both trucks rolled during a race and the first time ever in an arena.

Max-D: Decade of Maximum Destrution

In 2013 during a show in West Lebanon, Tom Meents and Max-D set a stack of two crush cars on fire. The show was during the trucks 10th Anniversary, so pyrotechnics were placed in parts of the body. At the start of his freestyle Meents set off the pyro, and when the truck hit the cars some of the sparks landed inside the first car car and set the interior on fire. Tom hit the flaming cars several more times. After his freestyle, the track crew attempted to extinguish the fire with fire hoses. After the fire could not be extinguished, the cars were moved and covered in dirt. The cars continued to burn after the conclusion of the show and it is unknown how the fire was extinguished. It can be presumed the fires went out naturally or they were dumped into the nearby bodies of water.

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In Glendale Arizona, in October of 2016, Jared Eichelberger, driving Maximum Destruction (The red Max-D body on the yellow Max-D truck's chassis), and a wheel broke off. This was because of a high jump, and hard landing. The wheel rolled off, and hit the back flip ramp at the end of the track. The wheel however, instead of bouncing off it, rolled up it, and came to a stop, perfectly placed on top of the middle of the ramp.

2009 Indy Monster Jam Final

2009 Indy Monster Jam Final

The accidental early celebration by Tom Meents, which lead to Seasock's victory

Maximum Destruction Vs. Batman

In 2009, at Indianapolis, Tom Meents in Maximum Destruction squared off against John Seasock in Batman in the finals. A new rule had been added that year, however, stating that the finals race of every show would not have 3 laps as usual, but instead have 5 laps. Tom Meents ended up finishing the first 4 laps before John Seasock, however, he had forgotten the added lap, and began celebrating by doing donuts and jumping obstacles. Seasock took the opportunity, and finished the 5th lap and ended up winning racing. Tom only found out after the race had concluded that he had actually lost the race, and began to drive off the course, embarrassed, only for his engine to catch fire and stall the truck.


Max-D (2017)

During a freestyle in Indianapolis, on February 11, 2017, Max-D was attempting to pull off a backflip in the middle of it's freestyle run. However, the truck hit the ramp at an odd angle, and ended up rotating incorrectly. This sent the truck flying off to the side, where it landed on top of the arena barriers, which separate the fans from dangerous sections of the arena. Nobody was injured.

Max-D (2018)

Screenshot 2018-05-06-23-46-38-22

Max-D about to hit the wall.

Screenshot 2018-05-06-23-47-59-08

Max-D after the crash. Notice the railing taken out on the back of the truck.

In Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field in 2018, Max-D hit the wall in his freestyle performance. The truck hit the wall so hard, that one of the railings on the side of the track was taken out. Some spectators also said that the impact caused the stadium to shake or rumble.

Monster Mutt Junkyard Dog and Overkill Evolution

During qualifying for the 2016 Fox Sports 1 Series event in St. Louis Monster Mutt Junkyard Dog and Overkill Evolution both rolled at the same time.


In 2008, during a media preview for NSW Monster Truck Championships at the Dapto fairgrounds in New South Wales, temporary driver of MotorStorm, Grant Denyer took a high jump off of a set of crush cars and took a sharp nose dive down, hitting ground very suddenly. He suffered a broken back after the accident.



NAPA After The Accident.

During a public, exhibit car crush at a NAPA auto parts store, the NAPA truck crushed a set of cars before plowing into a crowd of people, then the truck rolled onto some train tracks. Although there were injuries, this was a non-fatal event. It is also fortunate that no freight train came down the tracks the truck landed on, otherwise, the truck would have been destroyed.


Nitro Fish

During a race in 2000 at Indianapolis, Nitro Fish took a sudden nose dive after the first ramp, the impact caused driver Steve Macklyn to rupture a disc in his back, the truck coasted to the pit end of the track and medics had to help Macklyn out of the truck and took him to the hospital for testing. He returned to driving a week later, this time with the aid of the "HANS" device. This accident was featured on the monster trucks episode of the history show "Modern Marvels".

Northern Nightmare (2014)

At the 2014 World Finals, Northern Nightmare attempted a reverse backflip. The truck landed on it's back, and Cam McQueen gassed the truck to save it. By straining the engine, and unknowingly breaking a fuel pump, a huge fire started in Northern Nightmare's cab. Cam was able to escape the truck within seconds, and the truck was extinguished immediately.

Northern Nightmare, Lobbing The Break Line Into The Crowd.

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The Overkill Monster Truck Chassis

Northern Nightmare (2016)

During Monster Jam World Finals 17 racing, a brake part from Northern Nightmare broke off the truck and was launched into the stands, striking a fan. Thankfully, he was not seriously injured.


Overkill was involved in a trailer fire.

Overkill Evolution

On August 30th 2018, at Paris Ontario, Overkill Evolution was doing freestyle during a competition, when the truck slid dangerously close to a crowd of spectators. Nobody was injured in the incident, but the team would be suspended from the MTRA the following day. Marty Garza resigned from the Board of Directors that same day.

Predator Ride Truck, After Losing A Right Rear Wheel.

Raging Bull's tire incident

Raging Bull, Breaking A Right Front Wheel Off Into The Crowd.

Predator Ride Truck

Predator lost a tire while giving rides to passengers. Nobody to knowledge was injured.

Raging Bull

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In August 2015, Raging Bull was doing an exhibition performance when one of the tires fell off of the truck from a hard hit, causing it to roll away and crash into a fence where spectators were standing, injuring nine people. Thankfully, nobody was killed.


At a show, Rambo rolled over onto the stands of the arena. Nobody was injured.

Safe Auto Minimizer

Wilkes-Barre Monster Jam 2008

Wilkes-Barre Monster Jam 2008

Safe Auto's wild rollover onto the barriers

In Wilkes-Barre 2008, Safe Auto Minimizer had a rough landing and during an save attempt, rolled over onto the protection barriers, nearly coming close to people. No one was injured.

Scooby Doo (Aussie)

During an Easter show in 2017 at the Penrith Showground in Australia, Scooby Doo hit a safety barrier. No one was seriously injured, but one person was severely startled.


Sheer Insanity and TNT

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Sheer Insanity and TNT after the fire

On January 17, 2017, two teammate trucks from Canada, Sheer Insanity and TNT were destroyed by a fire in their shop. Ged Barcroft and Kathy Wills were not in the shop at the time.

Snake Bite

Monster Trucks- Snake Bite Crashes Into Shed

Monster Trucks- Snake Bite Crashes Into Shed

Snake Bite Crashes Into Shed 1991

Snake Bite was involved in a famous crash in 1991 in Union Grove Wisconsin, where the truck, being driven by Colt Cobra and racing against Fred Shafer in Bear Foot in Round 1, jumped the "hydra barriers" (plastic units filled with water: water could even be seen splashing out during the collision) and crashed into a concessions stand shed in a nearby parking lot. The shed was completely destroyed, but thankfully no people were inside it at the time of the crash, so nobody was injured. On the other hand, a 2,000lbs industrial freezer, which was inside the shed, was destroyed in the crash, left out in full view partially crushed by the front tires from the truck's resting position, where the truck was left throughout the rest of the show.


At a Monster Jam Show at an arena, Stinger went onto the protective barriers.
Img 7217

Immediately as it landed

Stone Crusher

At the last Pontiac show in Pontiac, Michigan, in 2006, Gary Wiggins in Stone Crusher was involved in an incident during freestyle. The truck, on it's last jump, performed a skywheelie. The truck over-rotated, and ended up landing directly on the tailgate. Wiggins broke his back on landing, and had to be taken out of the truck via medical help, and was put on a stretcher. He eventually made a full recovery.

​Son-Uva Digger

During the 2017 event at MetLife Son-Uva Digger crushed a dumpster. While performing a backflip the truck drifted slightly to the side and the rear end of the truck landed on a dumpster. The truck came down with enough force to completely crush one side of a dumpster that was being used for wall protection.

Screenshot 2018-10-26-22-05-28

Son-Uva Digger (2)

During a freestyle in Houston during the 2017 season, the truck caught fire.


FB IMG 1525254789152

In 1985, Taurus 1 was involved in a car crash. While the truck was travelling in its hauler on the way to Florida, the rear end of the hauler was hit by a car. The hauler and the truck was destroyed causing the Willman's (owner) to build an all new Taurus 1.

​Team Hot Wheels Firestorm and Monster Energy

During qualifying at World Finals XVIII Team Hot Wheels caused Monster Energy to roll. As they crossed the finish line Team Hot Wheels landed half on the landing pad and half off which caused the truck to swerve to the right where it clipped a rear tire of the slow moving Monster Energy (who was heading off the track). The collision upset Monster's rear steer which caused the truck to high side. Todd was unable to recover and the truck rolled.

Screenshot 2018-10-07-13-00-14
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The Patriot and Vendetta

During an event in Red Bluff Ca, in October 2018, the two trucks collided in mid air, causing Vendetta to crash and roll. The Patriot was unharmed.

The Rod Ryan Show

Monster Jam Houston 2018 Intro

Monster Jam Houston 2018 Intro

The Rod Ryan Show spins out (at 3:09)

During intros in the Houston encore show in 2018, The Rod Ryan Show spun out and hit the wall.

Thrasher Vs. Black Stallion

At a show during racing, Black Stallion broke it's forward gear, and was due to race against Thrasher. In order to race, and entertain the audience, Michael Vaters raced the truck over the cars in reverse, while Thrasher ran the race normally.

Titan (1)


Titan, Crashing Into The Wall

During qualifying at Monster Jam World Finals 15, Titan crashed hard into the wall in the left lane, destroying the chassis. Fortunately, driver Donald Epidendio was not injured in the crash. The chassis was destroyed in the incident, so a new one had to be built. For the World Finals, Donald used a spare Mohawk Warrior chassis as a backup. This crash bares similarity to the infamous crash of Captain's Curse seven years prior (as listed above). The truck had crashed into a dumpster, which likely prevented it from going into the stands like Captain's Curse. The team was able to repair the truck enough for it to continue to run untill the new chassis was completed.  

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Titan (2)

At a Monster Jam show in 2012, Titan caught fire. The Driver, Donald Epidendio, was uninjured.

Tropical Thunder

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Tropical Thunder, Crashing

Img 7013

War Wizard slamming into the wall, with an unconscious Randy Moore

During a race in Naples, FL against Bigfoot, Tropical Thunder lost control, cartwheeled, lost both front wheels, and crushed the chain link fence between the track, and audience. Nobody was hurt.

​War Wizard

In Pontiac 2006, War Wizard would have a destructive incident during the qualifying portion of the show. Due to the truck swerving on the final jump, War Wizard would jump up, and land on a motocross hill with half of the truck. The impact ended up knocking Randy Moore out, and the truck continued driving down the track until it slammed into the wall protection at the end of the course (RII likely aided in helping stop the truck as well). The truck was unable to compete for freestyle, and serious repairs were required for it's next show.

Only about a week later, during the 2006 Atlanta show War Wizard was totaled. On the first hit in freestyle the truck landed at such an awkward angle that nearly every shock was ripped off and the chassis was severely damaged. Randy Moore ended up buying the Total Chaos chassis in order to run the rest of the year.

Screenshot 2018-08-06-18-37-16

War Wizard Mid-Jump

War Wizard (2018)

Screenshot 2018-08-06-18-36-19

The Giant Sparks

At a show in 2018, War Wizard was performing a freestyle when the truck got air off a set of cars. The truck snagged a low hanging electrical wire, and ripped it down, causing a giant spark, and shutting down the lights to the track. Nobody was injured by the live wire.

Western Renegade


At one show, Western Renegade got stuck on a SUV ramp, and ended up being pulled off by Red Baron using a chain.

Wild Stang


Wild Stang, Crashing

Wild Stang is known for a famous crash which occurred in Cayuga Ontario Canada during Labor Day weekend in 1988. The truck did a car crush, doing a wheelie, then came crashing down and flipped forward, leaving driver Barry Packard (NOTE: some sources say it was Cliff himself driving) trapped underneath the truck. The incident was similar to that of Paula Harbuck's crash in Bear Foot (which is the first recorded monster truck crash), however, while Harbuck was stuck for only a short time, Packard was stuck for an entire 45 minutes before being finally freed. Thankfully, he was not seriously injured in the crash. In the early days of monster truck competition, crashes were seldom and so trucks were not particularly designed with crashes in mind. Also, with today's monster trucks weighing in at 10,000lbs, old school monster trucks were much heavier than that, with some weighing in as heavy as 13,000lbs, 33% or 1/3 heavier than today's standard. This incident could very well be the main driving force to evolve the design of the monster truck to achieve higher standards of safety.

Wild Thing

Wild Thing Freestyle - Into stands

Wild Thing Freestyle - Into stands

At one show, Wild Thing drove into the stands after the throttle got stuck.

​Wrecking Crew


Wrecking Crew After Rolling Over.

In Atlanta in 2013 Steve Koehler rolled Wrecking Crew in the same place twice. The truck rolled in the same spot in the same turn in both qualifying and round one of racing. Even though the truck had heavy damage it came back for freestyle, where it broke again.

Xtreme Diesel

Screenshot 2018-06-14-07-17-21

The tire can be seen faintly in the middle/top area

ERX monster trucks Day 2 Racing

ERX monster trucks Day 2 Racing

Video of the Xtreme Diesel accident (at 6:29)

Xtreme Diesel, at a event at ERX Motor Park in June 2018, snapped off a wheel during freestyle. Due to the location of the event, the wheel began to bounce off the course, and climbed a hill, where it began bouncing across an active motorway. Thankfully, no cars hit the wheel, as the tire bounced close to cars, and off the other side of the road.


During freestyle introductions at Monster jam World Finals XVI the hair on Bari Musawwirs Zombie caught fire. Embers from the sparklers set over Thunder Alley got caught in the hair, igniting it. Bari moved into the staging area where officials quickly extinguished the flames.

Zombie and VP's Mad Scientist

During the freestyle at the 2018 Foxboro Monster Jam Zombie rolled across the Mad Scientist. Mad Scientist was sitting on the edge of the track after an early rollover, a few trucks later Zombie hit one of the racing lanes off center and the truck twisted to the side. As Zombie rebounded back upright the rear tires landed on the back of the Mad Scientist, Zombie continued to slide across the body of the Mad Scientist and rolled off the other side.