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USA-1 at Monster Jam Richmond, VA 2016

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Original render of 2015 USA-1

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Original USA-1



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USA-1 is a Chevy Silverado monster truck out of Minnesota owned by Everett Jasmer and driven by Roger Gauger. This truck is famous for being one of the first monster trucks after Bigfoot. It is rumored Jasmer stopped competing with USA-1 because he did not want to sell out to larger promoters, such as FELD. USA-1 is featured in the game Monster Truck Destruction. The games features 4 different versions of the truck.

It competed in 2016 in Monster Jam for the first time ever at the event in Richmond Virginia.  

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Kirk Dabney's USA-1.


Randy Brown's USA-1.


Hall Bros USA-1.

R usa1

Original USA-1

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Johnny Lightning USA-1 prototype


  • 1982 - USA-1 debuts.
  • 1987 - Rod Litzau joins the team.
  • 1988 - USA-1 wins the first TNT Championship.
  • 1989 - Steve Wilke joins the team.
  • 1991 - USA-1 retires.
  • 1993 - The Hall Bros campaign USA-1 on one of their trucks.
  • 2000 - Randy Brown campaigns USA-1 on Pure Adrenaline.
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    2015 - Roger Gauger drives the brand new USA-1.
  • 2016 - the truck competed in a Monster Jam event at Richmond Coliseum. In December, the original truck makes a display during a Monster Jam event at US Bank Stadium, even though Roger's truck did not compete in the event.
  • 2017 - USA-1 competes in its first Monster Jam Stadium event in Minneapolis.
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    Cancelled Playskool toy

    Minneapolis 121016 Stern-65
    Minneapolis 121016 Stern-1

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