Tropical Thunder

Tropical Thunder was a Chevy Silverado monster truck as part of Dan Rodoni's Patriot racing team since 2008. The truck has gone through many changes since its inception in 1991. In 2015, Dan Rodoni put the truck and its teammate, The Patriot, up for sale. In 2016 Tony Canedo buys the truck and converts it to Enforcer. Currently, the Australian Tropical Thunder is the only one running the name as of right now.


  • 1990 - Wayne Smozanek buys Dave Wicezorik's Nite Life II truck
  • 1991 - Wayne paints the truck and names it Tropical Thunder
  • 1992 - Wayne builds a brand new Tropical Thunder. That same year, he's involved in a famous crash which took out part of a catch fence at a speedway.
  • 1994 - Tropical Thunder I is sold to England and ran as Miami Thunder
  • 1995 - Tropical Thunder II ends
  • 2000 - Guy Wood brings back the Tropical Thunder name and starts driving it with Bulldozer
  • 2003 - Tropical Thunder III is sold to Australia, where it runs today.
  • 2006 - Dan Rodoni buys Tropical Thunder name with Phil Foster (of Tom Meents fame) behind the wheel
  • 2010 - Phil Foster retires
  • 2011 - Andrew Peckham drives the truck full time
  • 2011 - Tropical Thunder becomes M2D Camo Thunder
  • 2013 - The truck debuts a new scheme and takes the old Patriot chassis
  • 2014 - The original chassis was sold and it became Enforcer.
  • 2015 - The name is shelved for the winter as Dan drives El Toro Loco and Andrew drives The Patriot
  • 2016 - The truck became Hellraiser.
Tropical Thunder 1992 Catch Fence Crash06:40

Tropical Thunder 1992 Catch Fence Crash

1992 Catch Fence Crash


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