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Time Flys.

DSC5670 copy

Time Flys is a 1934 Ford Pickup monster truck from Watsonville, California, driven by Kelvin Ramer. Ramer built the truck as his second piece after Natural High in 2008. At the World Finals in 2009 he debuted the new scheme he runs to this day. The truck has a low stance and very slim cab design. The truck is a teammate to Wild Flower, driven by Ramer's daughter Rosalee Ramer.

Salinas 051516 EvanPosocco (23)

The grill, displaying the original Time Flys

Salinas 051516 EvanPosocco (9)

Time Flys' second race course chassis.

Salinas 051516 EvanPosocco (36)
Kelvin Ramer

Time Flys in 2015 running the Wild Flower wheels.

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Time Flys on the original black chassis circa 2009-2013


Time Flys V1


Before being painted

34527 141974779146561 2601342 n

Time Flys trophy kart


The original concept art


Hot Wheels prototype

Time Flys 1 64

Time Flys 1:64 scale Hot Wheels diecast


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