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Thunder 4X4.

Thunder 4X4, formerly Rolling Thunder, is a Chevy Silverado truck driven by Jim Bendzick out of Minnesota. Bendzick is most famous for his fast paced high speed cyclones.


Original render.

IMG 9769
Minneapolis 121016 Nuttleman-4324
IMG 9782


  • 2002 - Rolling Thunder debuts.
    20131230 spinningtruck

    Thunder 4X4 at the final Metrodome event.

    Toledo 030416 Hopkins (42)

    Rollin' Thunder before being renamed to Thunder 4x4.

  • 2005 - Bendzick makes his first TV appearance.
  • 2007 - Bendzick debuts a new scheme.
  • 2008 - Rolling Thunder debuts with another new scheme.
  • 2013 - Rolling Thunder returns with a new CRD chassis and white scheme.
  • 2013 - Jim Bendzick competes in the final Metrodome event under the name Thunder 4X4.
  • 2015 - Thunder 4X4 competes as a part of the Fox Sports 1 Championship Series.

    Thunder 4X4 ATV.

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