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Thrasher was a Toyota monster truck created by Pat Summa and owned Shawn Oblen from Hackettstown, NJ. Oblen and Summa campaign the only Toyota monster truck, which has been around for over 20 years. The truck was a staple during the SFX days of monster trucks. Shawn Oblen occasionally competes nowadays. but was partly run as Webslinger (Race Truck)


  • 1995- Thrasher debuts as Summa's second truck, behind Above N Beyond.
  • 2000- Summa debuts a new Toyota Tacoma Thrasher.
  • 2001- Thrasher is featured in Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction.
  • 2002- Summa debuts a non Toyota Thrasher, this time on a Ford body.
  • 2006- Thrasher takes part of the last Monster Jam in the Silverdome.
  • 2008- Thrasher returns to its Toyota body style.
  • 2013- Thrasher plans to run a special red body for 2013-2014, but the look is cancelled so the team can run a body in tribute of the Sandy Hook tragedy.
  • 2013- Thrasher runs a special body in tribute of the Sandy Hook tragedy.
  • 2015- NJ Motorsports buys Thrasher. Summa shares driving duties with team owner Shawn Oblen.
  • 2017- The truck became Zombie Sniper.


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