Thor 2014
Thor competing in Arnhem for the 2014 Monster Jam European Tour on the Man of Steel chassis


FELD (Truck), Marvel (Name)


Adam Anderson (2012), Frank Krmel (2013), and Randy Brown (2014)

Body Style



540ci Merlin


Coan 2-Speed


66" Terra





Thor was debuted in 2012 and since then has ran a limited tour in Europe. Thor has had numerous drivers, and Thor was also one of the 6 trucks part of Team Marvel for the team competitions in Arnhem. Thor is one of four new MARVEL trucks debuted in 2012, the others being Captain America, Wolverine, and Hulk (also ran Europe exclusive tour).


Thor was debuted in 2012 and ran a Europe-exclusive tour. Thor was also in Arnhem for Team Marvel v.s. Team Destruction with Adam Anderson behind the wheel. For 2013, Thor was instead piloted by Grinder driver Frank Krmel. Thor also competed in Team Marvel v.s. Team Destruction. In 2014, Thor was driven by Randy Brown for the European tour. Thor was once again in the team competitions for Arnhem. In 2014, Thor made its first trip to North America, performing as an encore at the World Finals along with Hulk. The encore consisted of Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man all performing back flips simultaneously. 2014 would be Thor's final year, as Marvel backed out of Monster Jam for 2015.


Thor in 2012

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Thor during the Monster Jam World Finals 15 Racing encore on Chuck Werner's El Toro Loco chassis.


After the Encore


Thor's original concept art from the cancelled Marvel Monster Trucks Live Show before the truck debuted.

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