Xtermigator circa 2018


JR McNeal


JR McNeal

Body Style

RAM with custom front end


540 Central Florida Machine and Speed


FTI 2-Speed Powerglide


66" Terra/BKT



Xtermigator debuted in 2014 with driver JR McNeal as part of Razin Kane Monster Trucks. The truck is a sponsor truck for Amalie Motor Oil, one of the sponsors on JR's team. The truck features an alligator design. In 2015, the truck features a custom front grille, which is designed to resemble an alligator's mouth. Presently, there are two Xtermigator trucks running the circuit, one with black gums and the other with red gums.


  • 2013 - Xtermigator was built as the third addition to RKMT.
  • 2014 - The truck made its debut with driver JR McNeal as the replacement for his old truck Razin Kane (however, Razin Kane would later return in 2015 with Buddy Tompkins driving).
  • 2015 - The truck debuted a new 3D body featuring a custom alligator grille.
  • 2016 - The truck competed in Monster Jam Stadium Tour 3.
  • 2018 - The truck competed on Monster Jam Stadium Tour 1 with an all new chassis. The original is converted to FTI Torque.
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    Both Xtermigators seen in the background

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Circa 2016

SanAntonio 012516 (14)

Circa 2015

JR McNeal

Xtermigator in 2014

$ 57-15

The European Exclusive


  • The 2015 Hot Wheels toy was only released in Canada.
  • On its way to the World Finals in Las Vegas in 2016, the trailer carrying Razin Kane and Xtermigator was accidentally left behind on the side of the highway in New Mexico after the team was given a lift by Team Jester's trailer truck. The Jester trailer traveled back to New Mexico 800 miles round trip to retrieve it. To accurately depict actual events regarding this event. Team RKMT had transmission trouble with their rig and broke down in Gallup, New Mexico with Razin Kane and Xtermigator in the trailer. Team Jester had left about 24 hours later than the team RKMT trailer and while on the way to Sam Boyd Stadium picked up Team RKMT driver Buddy Tompkins in New Mexico and continued to Las Vegas. The Jester trailer along with Ice Cream Man that was riding in the trailer as well were dropped off at Sam Boyd Stadium. The Team Jester rig doubled back to New Mexico to pick up the Team RKMT trailer to bring it to Las Vegas while the RKMT rig was left behind to have the transmission repaired. Both teams and all 4 trucks made it to the stadium without missing any events.
  • Xtermigator, in late 2018, was put on Mega Truck tires for a single mega truck show, and was intended to compete. Before it could even move though, the truck was struck by another competitor, after the throttle stuck. This ripped off a wheel, and knocked Xtermigator out of competing.
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Xtermigator dragster

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