The Doghouse is a term coined by Jim Koehler for drivers who get a score of 4, the lowest score possible, during Freestyle at the World Finals.

Here are all the drivers who have been in The Doghouse (NOTE: Notice that despite Jim Koehler inventing this term, and appearing on the list, he actually wasn't the first driver to ever end up in The Doghouse, although his place on the list period may have been his motive for inventing the term):

Jim Jack- Reptoid (2000)

Kreg Christensen- Iron Outlaw (2008)

Jim Koehler- Avenger (2009)

Jon Zimmer- Amsoil Shock Therapy (2010)

John Seasock- Batman (2010)

Adam Anderson- Taz (2010)

Chad Tingler- Spider-Man (2011)

Candice Jolly- Monster Mutt Dalmatian (2012)

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