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TMNT on a Racesource Chassis driven by Aaron Basl

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or TMNT, was a custom body monster truck that ran from 2003-2012 with a multitude of drivers behind the wheel (as the truck was always driven on another's chassis). This truck was discontinued in 2012 when Viacom bought the license. The first chassis was originally Mr. Destruction's chassis.


TMNT on a Meents chassis



Orange TMNT on a patrick chassis

Tmnt beforeshow

Orange TMNT

  • 2003 - The truck debuts in Montreal with George Balhan behind the wheel.
  • 2004 - It competes in its first World Finals with Paul Cohen driving.
  • 2005 - Alex Blackwell takes the ride full time.
  • 2006 - Brandon Harrington debuts an orange banded (Michelangelo) TMNT.
  • 2006 & 2007 - Randy Brown drives TMNT at the World Finals.
  • 2007 - Derek Evans, son of Dan Evans drives the truck in a few shows.
  • 2008 - Aaron Basl starts driving TMNT.
  • 2008 - Ryan Huffaker, son of Pablo Huffaker starts driving.
  • 2008 Randy Brown drives the truck at the 2008 World Finals for an encore in between rounds of racing.
  • 2009 - Pablo Huffaker competes with TMNT at the World Finals.
  • 2012 - Joey Parnell takes Todd LeDuc's place in the Young Guns Shootout with TMNT.
  • 2012 - The last full time driver of the truck is Joey Parnell.


Despite only two variations of TMNT, a red banded (Raphael) and orange banded (Michelangelo) turtle truck, there have been toy versions of all four variations, red, orange, blue (Leonardo), and purple (Donatello), as monster trucks.

Much like Monster Mutt, the truck was notorious for having a small windshield, and as such, a small field of view when driving.

This truck actually never had a chassis. Instead, it ran on the chassis

Airborne monster trucks by deltamu
of other trucks, and was driven by that chassis driver on that occasion.
IMG 4138

On Grave Digger 16, circa World Finals 10, in 2009

IMG 4136

On Grave Digger 19, circa World Finals 9, in 2008

Tmnt monster truck by hansomedadude-d4yvek5

With Iron Man's wheels


TMNT on the Mr. Destruction chassis


Red TMNT Hot Wheels toy

2004-1 16-TMNT Orange (2)

Orange TMNT Hot Wheels toy

2013 TMNT Orange (2)

Orange TMNT Hot Wheels toy with the 80's logo

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Blue TMNT Hot Wheels toy.

2005 17-TMNT Purple (2)

Purple TMNT Hot Wheels toy.

$ 57-14

Purple TMNT with 2003 concept art

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