Team Suzuki
Frank Krmel piloting Team Suzuki at World Finals 8 in 2007


FELD Motorsports


Bobby Parr

Body Style

Chevy, would later become a Ford


540ci Merlin


Coan 2-Speed


66" Terra





Team Suzuki was a Chevy monster truck that debuted in 2004 with driver Kathy Winston. It was formerly SoBe. Suzuki had four World Finals appearances and would run for four years. Suzuki only had one paint change, which was the addition of sponsor Makita. Suzuki was retired in 2008 after the 2009 season opener in Minneapolis. Suzuki appeared in two video games; Monster Jam (video game) in 2007 and Monster Jam: Urban Assault in 2008.


In 2003, "SoBe" had ended their sponsorship with Monster Jam, so the truck was retired. Following SoBe's retirement, the chassis was converted into a new truck, "Team Suzuki" in 2004 under Kathy Winston, former driver of the SoBe truck. Kathy would be eventually invited to Monster Jam World Finals 5 in 2004. In 2005, Kathy remained the sole driver for Suzuki. Suzuki also got the sponsor Makita, which would remain a sponsor until the truck's discontinuation in 2008. In 2006, Suzuki would get its second invitation to the World Finals with the same driver. In 2007, Kathy Winston would leave Suzuki and Bobby Parr would take her place, getting the truck its third World Finals appearance. Parr raced the truck and Frank Krmel free-styled the truck. In 2008, Bobby Parr would again make the World Finals, this time he would race and freestyle. Suzuki's last performance was at the Minneapolis Metrodome in the 2009 season. Parr would go on to race quads for Monster Jam Quad Wars.