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Superman Saudi Arabia circa 2017 on Soldier Fortune Black Ops chassis.

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Superman12 03


Superman is a custom Ford monster truck driven by Tony Ochs. It was formerly driven by Chad Fortune (2005-2011) Sean Duhon (2012) and Joey Parnell (2013). The truck was a Monster Jam staple until 2014 when it was converted into Man of Steel. It made it's return in 2017 in Saudi Arabia  as part of an international tour team and is driven by Tony Ochs: right now, it's unknown if its return is only temporary, or if it will become a full-time truck once again, however, with the new Wonder Woman truck unveiled on just a few days later on March 23rd, that signals that Superman could be in for a true return.

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  • At World Finals XIV the Wolverine chassis would become a temporary Superman after the original truck's engine blew in qualifying. In freestyle the truck would blow one tire and break off another. It was driven by Jon Zimmer.

On the Wolverine chassis


With Red Rims.


Superman Sticking On It's Nose At World Finals 8

IMG 0350

Without the cape

Screenshot 2017-03-23-00-38-16
Super Truck 7JPG Thumbnail1

At its debut show

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Original render Note: the concept art was actually on Devastator.

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