Storm Damage

Storm Damage.

Storm Damage is a Chevy Monster Truck owned by Tim Mente out of Bethesda, Maryland. Mente has been an East Coast staple for almost 10 years, with Storm Damage going through many iterations. It tours with its teammate truck Hurricane Force. It is currently driven by Travis Mowery.  


  • 2006 - Storm Damage debuts with Mente driving.
  • 2010 - A new chassis and wrap for Storm Damage debuts.
  • 2012 - A new scheme and chassis from J&B Chassis debut.
  • 2015 - Storm Damage runs a "Pighole" sponsored body.
  • 2016 - Storm Damage gets a new body and paint scheme.
  • 2017 - Mowery starts to take over driving duties over the summer. The truck is shipped to Brazil to run as New Earth Authority. 
  • 2018 - Storm Damage gets a slight body change. The truck ran a Zombie body as part of a team deal with Monster Jam for the first quarter with Mowery driving. Former driver of the truck, Tim Mente wins the Technician of the Year Award at the Monster Jam World Finals later that year.