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Stinger was a custom Ford monster truck from Bigfoot 4X4 from 1995-1998 as part of the WCW sponsorship. The truck was commonly driven by Eric Meagher and was known for its stinger tail being based off of the wrestler Sting. When the sponsorship ended in 1998, Sting and company went to Monster Jam to create the truck Sting from 2000-2001. Stinger is the inspiration of the truck of the same name currently driven by Zane Rettew.


With the 3d eyes visible


Sting on a Bigfoot chassis.


Sting on a Hall bros chassis

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15338892 10154405297388197 7242820179964340608 n

In Monster Truck Madness 64. Notice how the name given does not match the version of the truck present.

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