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Circa 2017


Zane Rettew


Zane Rettew

Body Style

Ford Raptor with custom rear end




2spd Abruzzi Powerglide


66" Firestone / BKT



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Tulsa 010817 Bialek (13)
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Stinger 3.0 before paint

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Stinger 2k14


2013 Original render

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Stinger (1)

Stinger in 2012

Stinger debuted in 2011 with driver and owner Zane Rettew, who also owns Rettew Motorsports. The truck competes mainly in Monster Jam. The truck's front end is that of a Ford Raptor with the rear end made to resemble a scorpion.


In the summer of 2011 the first Stinger truck is built.

2012- the truck competes in it's first full season, mainly with the Toughest Monster Truck Tour.

2013- Zane and the truck join the Monster X Tour for their fist full season on the tour.

2014- the truck makes it's Monster Jam debut in Trenton, NJ with an all new truck.

2015- the truck competes in it's first full year of Monster Jam.

2016- the team debuts a brand new chassis and body nicknamed Stinger 2k3. They would win multiple wheelie and freestyle competitons on the Monster Jam circuit, over the likes of Pablo Huffaker and Greg Wichenbach.


In 2014, the truck was also named Stinger 2k14.

The current tail plug mold was custom made by Trey Myers.  

Every July since 2013 Zane and the truck have competed at their home event in Lancaster, PA which is only minutes from their shop. The show is at a small fairgrounds type venue named Buck Motorsports Park. The truck also ran at the second 2013 show. 

Stinger 2014
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Stinger motorcycle

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