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Spike in 2017

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Spike 2015

Spike Unleashed (or simply Spike) is a custom Chevy monster truck driven by Cory Rummell, and was a team truck for Team Scream Racing. The truck was identical in base design to Brutus and Mega Bite, with the chassis being the original Brutus chassis.


  • 2005 - The truck debuts in Indianapolis being driven by Chris Bergeron
  • 2007 - Spike begins competing full time driven by Rich Hilgendorf
  • 2011 - A breast cancer awareness Spike debuts
  • 2013 - Spike is replaced by Mega Bite
  • 2014 - Cory Rummell takes over as full time driver for Spike Unleashed
  • 2016 - A main running Spike Unleashed is replaced by Rage.
  • 2017- Spike Unleashed is run at summer events, not as a main body.


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