Spider-Man was a monster truck owned by FELD Motorsports.

2001 - 2003

Spider-Man (along with its teammate Wolverine) debuted in 2001. It was driven by Brandon Harrington and Lee O'Donnell (2001 only) during the normal season and Gary Porter at the Monster Jam World Finals 2. at Monster Jam World Finals 3, it would not compete, but would be featured as a pit party display truck. It would be driven by Bobby Z at the Monster Jam World Finals 4 before the Clear Channel (now FELD Motorsports)/Marvel relationship ended.


In late 2009, it was anounced that Marvel will re-join FELD Motorsports and Spider-Man would return, along with the new Iron Man truck. The driver is Whit Tarlton, who, like Brandon Harrington, tours with Gary Porter.


Whit Tarlton left the team and went into Monster Mutt. Bari takes over. Gary Porter drives for one event. Ryan Anderson drives for one event and wins freestyle.


Bari Musawwir won the first Monster Jam World Finals Young Gun Shootout. He competed in the Path of Destruction tour in Baltimore, Philly, and New Jersey. Later in 2012 he competed in Europe and was one of the first drivers to compete in the Team Destruction Vs Team Marvel competion.

The truck was later retired again after the Marvel sponsorship had ended. In 2016, the Spider-Man fiberglass was seen on a live stream, indicating it may possibly return. It is presently unknown if this is the case, or if it is just going to be repainted.


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