Son-Uva Digger
Son-Uva Digger in 2015, running the current blue beadlocks


FELD Motorsports


Ryan Anderson

Body Style

1950's Willy's Body Style


540ci Merlin


Coan 2-Speed


66" Terra



Son-Uva Digger debuted in 2011 and is owned by FELD Motorsports and is driven by Ryan Anderson, the second son to Dennis Anderson, as the name implies. The truck's body style is based off of Ryan's grandfather's car. Son-Uva Digger was originally a mud truck, and was going to be Adam Anderson's new truck. However, Adam Anderson would go on to drive Taz and then Grave Digger the Legend in 2011. Ryan was supposed to debut Son-Uva Digger in 2011, but, due to an injury, Ryan couldn't debut the truck until World Finals 12 in an encore performance. Ryan competed with the truck for the first time in Halifax, Nova Scotia in June of 2011, and it's first stadium in July of that year in Baltimore. MD and has since made 5 World Finals appearances. Ryan is known for his winning streaks, and he is one of the winning-est drivers on the Monster Jam circuit, although he had not won a World Championship until 2017 when he won the Racing Championship. Ryan has been invited to every World Finals since 2012.


Monster-Truck-Flip (gif)

Son Uva Digger's debut backflip.

2011 - Son-Uva Digger debuts in an encore performance at World Finals 12.

2012 - Ryan suffers another injury in an encore performance at World Finals 13 and is not able to compete during the summer of 2012.

2015 - Ryan finishes 2nd in both racing and freestyle in Monster Jam World Finals 16.

2016 - The truck gets an all new chassis. Carl Van Horn drove the truck in Glendale, AZ. The original truck is sent to Europe for the summer and fall.

2017 - Ryan wins the Stadium 3 tour and gets the first spot to Monster Jam World Finals 18. Ryan also wins the Racing Championship in World Finals 18 over Grave Digger & Tyler Menninga in a very close race. It was probably the closest World Finals championship race ever. Ryan also did the longest moonwalk ever at the Syracuse event. He would double down that night.


Son-Uva Digger is one of 4 trucks owned by FELD, that was sold to them, rather than created by them (The other 3 being Bulldozer, Carolina Crusher, and Grave Digger).