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Screamin' Demon without the truck's name in 2012

Screamin' Demon was a Ford monster truck that competed from 2000-2013. The truck started life with Gary Bauer of Nitemare II fame, then was sold to Dave Waple who converted the truck to Black Jack then back to Screamin' Demon. Jay Snyder is perhaps the most famous owner as he drove the truck from 2006-2010 until he created Illuminator. Kevin Mileti was the final owner who gave the truck a brand new look, but the truck was sold again in 2014 and converted to Park Patrol. Supposedly, the truck will return in the summer of 2016. Originally, the new team was going to rename the truck, but decided to keep the name. Three alternate names were Pounder, Big N' Bad, and Savage.
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Unused new logo design

Screamin' Demon

Screamin Demon 2000-2013

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Screamin Demon as Black Jack

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