Scarlet Bandit
Scarlet Bandit circa 2017


Dawn Creten


Dawn Creten

Body Style

2005 Ford F-150


555 CI Blown Alcohol


Hughes Performance 2-Speed Powerglide


66" Terra



Scarlet Bandit is a Ford Expedition monster truck driven by Dawn Creten, team mate and wife to Jimmy Creten of the Bounty Hunter. Since 2000 Dawn has become one of the most famous female monster truck drivers, with her truck being in three Monster Jam World Finals and has appeared in two video games, Monster Jam: The Video Game and Monster Jam: Urban Assault.


  • 1999 - Dawn begins driving the truck 2Xtreme Racing
  • 2000 - The truck debuts with a Chevy S10 body
  • 2002 - Scarlet Bandit is given a new Ford Expedition body to coincide with Bounty Hunter
  • 2004 - A new Scarlet Bandit scheme debuts
  • 2005 - Dawn competes in her first Monster Jam World Finals
  • 2006 - Dawn takes the season off on maternity leave
  • 2007 - A brand new Scarlet Bandit debuts
  • 2007 - Scarlet Bandit is featured in Monster Jam the Video Game
  • 2008 - Dawn Creten scores a 36 at the Monster Jam World Finals, finishing 2nd, next to Adam Anderson.
  • 2008 - Scarlet Bandit is featured in Monster Jam: Urban Assault
  • 2017 - The truck runs a new design and Dawn competed in the FS1 West Series.


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