16707670 1584693354881962 1097766656973553292 o

In 2017 on Razin Kane

16649109 1272241242857677 6295886879523369050 n

In 2017 on the Brutus chassis

15327380 1243868822361001 6306198838235686243 n

2017 render

15284976 1243868845694332 5070150521507496969 n
Houston 012416 (36)
12494880 1214827811866958 469017181010663980 n

Rod Ryan Show in 2016 on the Mohawk Warrior chassis

Houston 020616 Lau (8)

Rod Ryan on Max-D for a backflip stunt.


The Newest Rod Ryan Show on the Zombie Hunter chassis.


Rod Ryan Show on BJ Johnson's Mohawk Warrior chassis.

Rod Ryan Show is a Ford F-150 monster truck that mainly competes as a special body in Houston based off of the Rod Ryan Radio Show. Many drivers have ran this body since its debut in 2010, even Rod Ryan himself has driven the truck.


2015 Render

IMG 2080

Rod Ryan driving the truck at Houston


Rod Ryan v2 on Blue Thunder's chassis in 2014. This would be the version Rod Ryan would drive.

1020 1376999707

Rod Ryan Show V2 on the Blue Thunder chassis in 2013

IMG 2081

Second Version of Rod Ryan with a different pose

Rod ryan monster truck by phoenix marsha-d4mhcel

Second version of Rod Ryan Show V1 on the El Matador chassis


Rod Ryan V1 on the Destroyer chassis.


Secondary Render


Rod Ryan original render

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