Raging Bull is a Chevrolet Nomad truck driven by Vesa Kivimaki out of Finland since 2008. The truck is a PEI built chassis and has competed at multiple Monster Jam events and Monster X Tour events in his home country.

2015 incident

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Original Raging Bull

In August of 2015 at an event in Finland, Raging Bull was doing an exhibition event when he jumped over a large truck, the landing which broke a wheel and due to a lack of proper safety barriers rolled into the crowd injuring nine people. It was a non fatal event.

Raging Bull's tire incident

An image of the incident involving Raging Bull's tire in 2015 that hit 9 people; thankfully, nobody was killed.


Although very similar in appearance, Raging Bull is not a clone of Avenger. While Raging Bull is a Nomad, Avenger is a Bel Air. However, both body types are Chevrolets.

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