Prowler is a custom Chevy monster truck that is part of Allen Pezo's Predator racing. The truck debuted in 1998 and has been a staple of Monster Jam since.

Original Prowler 1998-2003. Notice the different face


  • 1998- The truck debuts being driven by Allen's brother Dave Pezo.
  • 2000- Prowler competes in Monster Jam World Finals 1.
  • 2001- Larry Jarzel takes over as driver of Prowler.
  • 2001- Prowler is featured in Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction.
  • 2003- Prowler is featured in Monster 4X4: Masters of Metal.
  • 2006- Allen Pezo drives Prowler for a single event in Atlanta.
  • 2008- Lenny Kuilder takes over as the driver.
  • 2009- Prowler debuts a brand new scheme.
  • 2016- Prowler is run as Predator in Guatemala, with the ProMT body.
  • 2017- Eric Wylie becomes the new driver for 2017.

    Prowler 2009


Prowler 2014-


Modern Prowler face


In Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction

2015 164 prowler
2015 124 prowler
Prowler 1 64

Original 1 64 Prowler diecast

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Prowler running Predator's ProMT body in Guatemala


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