Project X
Dpp 4
Project X competing in Monster X


Rob French


Rob French

Body Style

2004 Chevrolet Truckvette


509 c.i. Chevrolet


Turbo 400


66″ Goodyear Terra Tires


Circa 2012

Project X, occasionally sponsored by Formula 1 noni, was driven by Rob French and part of Boston, Georgia-based Wildfire Motorsports. The truck has also ran as Iron Horse and Grave Robber. Project X mainly does exhibitions and Monster X tour. Project X is teammates with the Scorpion monster truck. Rarely has the team ran on the Monster Jam circuit. It was made as a sponsor for Monster X.

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Vida17ab 44

Project X's proper appearance, without the Formula 1 Noni Sponsorship


Ditto, with a different color scheme on the monster

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