Pastrana 199


FELD Motorsports


Cam McQueen

New Name

Nitro Circus

Body Style

ford f150


540ci Merlin


Coan 2-Speed


66" Terra





Pastrana 199 was a Dodge Ram/Ford Superduty monster truck that campaigned from 2005-2009 and despite the name, Travis Pastrana never drove the truck in competition. The truck was owned by FELD Motorsports. Pastrana 199 is featured in the video games Monster Jam (video game) and Monster Jam: Urban Assault.


  • 2005- Pastrana 199 debuts with Paul Cohen behind the wheel on a Dodge Ram body
  • 2005- In Paul's last show with the truck, he wins freestyle in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 2006- Courtney Jolly takes over the ride and the truck sports a Ford Superduty body
  • 2006- Chad Tingler drives Pastrana 199 at the World Finals with the Ram body
  • 2007- Courtney Jolly competes in the World Finals
  • 2008- Jolly suffers an injury in the truck, subsiding her for the rest of the season
  • 2008- Cam McQueen takes over as driver of the truck
  • 2009- Pastrana 199 competes in its last full season before being changed to Nitro Circus


The truck was one of two trucks run by FELD to be a Dodge Ram, the other being Man of Steel.

A cancelled second truck was planned to be a Chevy body, rather than a second Ford. It wasn't made in real life, but was made into a 1:24 scale toy.


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