Outback Thunda
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Outback Thunda circa 2018


Clive Featherby


Clive Featherby

Body Style

Custom 3D Bronco


541 Big Block Chevy


2-speed Powerglide


66" Terra



Outback Thunda is a monster truck that is currently competing in a number of different shows across Australia with veteran driver Clive Featherby behind the wheel. He is also the founder of KC's Fireworks Displays Aust. as well as Monster Truck Promotions Australia. It has also run under the name Electrical Products.


In 2000, Clive first created a truck called Broncos Magic, which was a supporting truck for local football club Brisbane Broncos. Clive thought the truck was dull, because the truck was barely visible at speedway shows, and wasn't very popular with the kids.

In 2003, Clive designed and built Outback Thunda 1.5. Outback Thunda 1.5 ran for 6 years, before being replaced by a new, modern version of Outback Thunda with a chassis imported from the USA by Patrick Enterprises.

In 2012, Paul Shafer suggested that the team should compete in the U.S. The truck then competes in the 4-Wheel Jamboree, even picking up a win in Springfield.

In October 2013, a new body debuted.

In 2017, the truck once again received a new design that continues to run to this day.