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Anaheim 011417 EvanPosocco (1)

Obsessed circa 2017

Obsessed is a Ford monster truck driven by Eric Swanson out of Menifee, California as the team truck to Obsession driven by Eric's father, Rick Swanson. Rick Swanson, Jeff Jones, and Jim Lehnertz have all driven Obsessed in Monster Jam before Eric began driving it in Monster Jam in 2014.


2009 - Obsessed debuts with Rick Swanson driving the truck on the Monster Jam tour and Eric Swanson driving the truck in other non-FELD shows.

2010 - Big Dummy runs a "LINE-X Obsessed" body at SEMA 2010.

2012 - Jim Lehnertz drives Obsessed for a short period of time.

2014 - Eric begins to drive Obsessed in Monster Jam. 

2014 - Obsessed gets a new off road body.

2017- Obsessed competes in the Double Down Showdown with a new body style.


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