Mountaineer (also known as West Virginia Mountaineer) was a monster truck from West Virginia first owned by Robby Gray, then RB Moler. Robby drove Mountaineer until 2002, when Mark Taylor began driving the truck under Robby. Mountaineer was first created in 1995, then the current version made in 1999. The truck ran under Mountaineer until 2003, then the truck went through several different names until RB Moler bought the truck and revitalized it in 2012 as Mountaineer (Moler). The truck was sold once again in 2014.


Mountaineer 2003-2005

IMG 1899

Mountaineer with a checkered flag paintjob

Download (3)-0

Robby Gray with Mountaineer circa 2000

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The original truck as it currently is

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Original Mountaineer

2001 Mattel Hot Wheels Monster Truck Mountaineer

Rev Tredz Mountaineer toy


Mountaineer, as seen in Monster 4x4 Masters of Metal. This design was never used on the real truck.

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