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Monster Truck Madness 64 was a Nintendo 64 video game released in 1999 as the third game in the Monster Truck Madness series. The game features a few different modes, with the main mode being racing and features trucks that competed around 1999, when the game was released.

Game Modes


There are three modes available- Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. Each mode is similar, except the other 3 trucks that the player races against are harder to beat as the mode gets more difficult. Also, winning races in more difficult modes will unlock more tracks. Winning a race will require passing all checkpoints. Power ups are available for use.

Monster Truck Madness 64 Game Sample - N6412:24

Monster Truck Madness 64 Game Sample - N64

Gameplay of Monster Truck Madness 64


This mode will let you decide how many competitors you race against, what track you race on (if it's unlocked), and what weather conditions are present.

Battle Practice

Summit Rumble

Compete with up to 3 other trucks in Summit Rumble. The main goal is to stay on the NWO logo on the a platform without being knocked off by other competitors.


Play tag with up 3 other trucks on any other course. A second player is required.


Play soccer with up to 3 other trucks on a soccer field. A second player is required.


Boogey Van

Bear Foot

Monster Patrol



Police Truck



Grave Digger



The Outsiders

Carolina Crusher

Snake Bite

Hollywood Hogan

Firestone Wilderness

Extreme Overkill


The Hitman

Black Stallion


Grave Yard


Junk Yard

The Heights

Voodoo Island

Greenhill Pass


Unlock-able Tracks

These tracks are unlocked by winning races. More tracks are unlocked as the difficulty increases.

Aztec Valley

Alpine Challenge

Death Trap


Codes for the game can be unlocked by winning races in circuit mode. One code will let you turn all of your trucks into 'lowrider' monster trucks.

Differences with the Monster Truck Madness Games

Unlike the first two games, MTM 64 was not released for PC.

This is the only game in the series released by Rockstar; the other two were released by Microsoft.

Trucks in MTM 64 don't take damage.

This game features 19 trucks, while MTM2 has 18. This is because it features Police Truck. Rockstar added this fictitious truck as a reference to their lead game, Grand Theft Auto.

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