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Monster Truck Destruction (MTD) is a free-to-play mobile app available on the App Store, Google Play, Kindle Fire, and PC. The game was released in 2012 by ODD Games and features 35 available monster trucks (31 standard sized trucks, as well as 4 mini-monster trucks) In-game cash is awarded for winning, regardless of the mode. This cash can be used for purchasing upgrades, new trucks, and used to pay for repairs after competitions. The game's Championship mode features you touring on the Monster X monster truck tour. Only 7 trucks require actual, real cash to be purchased, with each being for $0.99. In 2015. MTD was released for the PC on Steam and the game was updated with new trucks. The trucks in MTD take damage, as far as losing fiberglass and wheels to damaging your chassis. In all modes (except for Practice) repair fees will have to be payed for with in-game cash. A sequel of the game, Monster Truck Destruction 2 will be released in 2019.

Monster Truck Destruction

Monster Truck Destruction

Trailer for MTD

Game Modes


MTD iPad 23

Rislone Defender after taking damage in MTD

Compete with 15 other AI trucks on an 8-stop, 16 event Monster X tour. Compete for points, and winning 1st place by the end of the tour will give you 100,000 in-game cash and winning 2nd will gave you 50,000 in-game cash.


Competition is usually easier on this tour with easier racing tracks, however, winning these tour stops won't give you as much cash.


Competition is harder on this tour with longer, more complex racing tracks. Winning will give you more in game cash.

MTD iPad 2

Bigfoot 18 racing USA-1 2012 in MTD

Single Player

Single player lets you compete in only one competition at a time, unlike the Championship mode. Three modes are available- drag, freestyle, and practice.


Compete with 12 AI trucks for the racing trophy. Regardless of the mode, qualifying must be competed in. The top 8 from qualifying will go on to compete in elimination-style bracket racing.


Compete with 12 other AI trucks for the freestyle trophy. You are given 1 minute to freestyle, and gaining points can give you bonus time.If a rollover happens during your freestyle, you will lose your bonus time and the clock will go down to 3 seconds before your freestyle in over.


Practice puts you on the freestyle course for whichever event you chose, however, unlike freestyle, you will have no time limit, but no cash award is given (as there is no competition). Drive around on the track until your truck begins to lose its wheels.


Each truck in this game can be purchased with in-game cash (except for 8 as these cost real cash to purchase).

Grim (Premium Purchase)

Bigfoot Firestone 2007

Bigfoot Firestone 2010

Bear Foot

Rislone Defender

Captain USA

California Kid


USA-1 2012

Outback Thunda

Bigfoot 18

Bigfoot 16

Boogey Van

Bigfoot Odyssey

Snake Bite 2004

Snake Bite 2009

Black Widow

Monster Patrol

Western Renegade

Bigfoot Badboy


Bigfoot Summit

Carolina Crusher

Wild Thang

Bigfoot MFWD

Monster Mayhem

USA-1 1988 (Premium Purchase)

USA-1 (Premium Purchase)

Bigfoot 1 (Premium Purchase)

Bearfoot 1980 (Premium Purchase)

Carolina Crusher 1980 (Premium Purchase)

Bigfoot Speed Energy

Vi-Cor Bigfoot

Bad Habit

Raptor's Rampage


The Convict


Krazy Train


Bigfoot 5

Bigfoot 10

Bigfoot 15

Dan Runte 25th Anniversary Bigfoot

Monster X Tour Bigfoot

Lucas Oil Bigfoot


Snake Bite 1996

USA-1 2015

Rislone Defender 2014

Rislone Defender 2015

Virginia Beach Beast Classic  (Premium Purchase)

Virginia Beach Beast Original  (Premium Purchase)


Black Knight

Monster Bear

Sir Crush-A-Lot

Lil' Bully

Demolition Diva



Traxxas X-Maxx

Beta Trucks

Screenshot 2018-06-18-22-33-28

Monster Patrol, staging

The Beta form of the game had many differences from the final completed game. Many huds were changed, as well as camera angles.

  • In the Beta version, trucks were required to pre-stage before the race begins. In the full version, the trucks are pre-staged without the player's input.
  • Old-School versions of trucks had the old fashioned bodies placed on modern chassis.
    Screenshot 2018-06-18-22-33-57
  • Dodge bodies had a slightly different model
  • Rampage was green, as apposed to the black it became

Screenshot 2018-06-18-18-06-52

Green Rampage

Several trucks were also cut from the game, all of which were custom names.



Dragon's Fury

Gravity Storm


I Got Nothing

Killer Instinct

MTD Development

Monster Truck Destruction (Truck)