Monster Mutt is a custom bodied monster truck driven by Kevin Crocker, but has had many drivers over its career. It has competed in every World Finals since 2003 and even got the championship in 2010 under Charlie Pauken. Prior to it's 2016 re-design, the truck was notorious among drivers for having a small windshield and, a smaller field of vision.


  • 2003- Monster Mutt Debuted under Todd Frolik.
  • 2003- Monster Mutt Competed in its first World Finals.
  • 2004- Two Monster Mutts campaigned driven by Bobby Z and Brian Winston.
  • 2005- Monster Mutt began using it's trademark tail at the World Finals 6.
  • 2006- Charlie Pauken competed in the Monster Jam World Finals with Monster Mutt.
  • 2007- Monster Mutt was featured in Monster Jam the Video Game.
  • 2008- Mike Wine and Whit Tarlton took over as the main drivers of Monster Mutt.
  • 2008- Monster Mutt was featured in Monster Jam Urban Assault.
  • 2009- Lee O'Donnell took the reigns of Monster Mutt.
  • 2010- Paul Cohen drives Monster Mutt during Monster Jam Live. Ryan Anderson and Dana Creech make their competiton debuts with Monster Mutt. Charlie Pauken wins the World Finals XI freestyle championship with the Monster Mutt body on Grave Digger #22, scoring the second highest winning number in World Finals history. Chad Tingler runs the body on Grave Digger #14 for it's final run at the first stadium event in Philadelphia.   
  • 2011- Joe Miller joined the Monster Mutt team.
  • 2012- Whit Tarlton begins driving Monster Mutt.
  • 2012- Dana Creech stops driving for Monster Jam.
  • 2013- Joe Miller stops driving Monster Mutt.
  • 2014- Whit Tarlton finishes his last year driving in Monster Mutt.
  • 2015- Dustin Brown starts driving an all new Monster Mutt in the Fox Sports 1 Championship Series where he would finish 3rd, getting a spot in World Finals 16.
  • 2016- Another new chassis debuts (the 2015 edition becomes Monster Mutt: Junkyard Dog ) along with a 3D body and Bryce Kenny starts driving. Charlie Pauken drives it at Monster Jam World Finals 17. Jon Zimmer drives it in East Rutherford.
  • 2017- Kevin Crocker takes over as the driver of Monster Mutt, as Bryce kenny moves into Mohawk Warrior. Charlie Pauken drives it at World Finals 18. Cynthia Gauthier runs the truck for the European Tour, and performs a backflip in France.  
  • 2018- Kevin Crocker drives again in the Monster Jam Arena Tour. Cynthia Gauthier drives Monster Mutt at World Finals 19.