Monster Jam World Finals 9 was held on March 28-29, 2008 at Sam Boyd Stadium. This would be the first World Finals with a triple bus jump, and the first one with a second generation champion driver. This would also be the second one without a defending champion as due to disagreements, Pablo Huffaker did not run this World Finals to defend his title but would return the following year.

Track Layout

Left Side- Triple bus jump


Center- Step up fountain jump

Right side- Tanker jump, car pad jump and 30 foot tall trailer


Air Force Afterburner - Damon Bradshaw

An Escalade - George Balhan

Avenger - Jim Koehler

Batman - John Seasock

Black Stallion - Michael Vaters

Blue Thunder - Linsey Weenk

Bounty Hunter - Jimmy Creten

Captain's Curse - Alex Blackwell (World Finals Debut)

Destroyer - Dan Evans

Donkey Kong - Frank Krmel

El Toro Loco - Lupe Soza

Grave Digger - Dennis Anderson

King Krunch - David Smith

Maximum Destruction - Tom Meents

Monster Mutt - Charlie Pauken

Monster Mutt Dalmatian - Chad Tingler

Pastrana 199 - Cam McQueen (World Finals Debut)

Q-Torque Iron Outlaw - Kreg Christensen (World Finals Debut)

Safe Auto Minimizer - Marc McDonald

Scarlet Bandit - Dawn Creten

Stone Crusher - Steve Sims (World Finals Debut)

Superman - Chad Fortune

Taz - Adam Anderson

Team Suzuki - Bobby Parr

Round 1 Racing

Team Suzuki vs. Stone Crusher

Scarlet Bandit vs. Superman

Destroyer vs. An Escalade

Iron Outlaw vs. Bounty Hunter

Monster Mutt Dalmatian vs. Taz

Black Stallion vs. El Toro Loco

Donkey Kong vs. Grave Digger

Pastrana 199 vs. Avenger

Round 2 Racing

Maximum Destruction vs. Team Suzuki

Monster Mutt vs. Superman

Safe Auto Minimizer vs. An Escalade

Blue Thunder vs. Bounty Hunter

Batman vs. Taz

Air Force Afterburner vs. Black Stallion

King Krunch vs. Grave Digger

Captain's Curse vs. Avenger

Round 3 Racing

Maximum Destruction vs. Monster Mutt

Safe Auto Minimizer vs. Bounty Hunter

Batman vs. Air Force Afterburner

King Krunch vs. Captain's Curse

Semi Finals Racing

Bounty Hunter vs. Maximum Destruction (won but broke and couldn't return)

Batman vs. Captain's Curse

Championship Race

Bounty Hunter vs. Batman



Monster Mutt Dalmatian, the first one to clear the triple bus stack

Taz- 37 (crash)

Scarlet Bandit- 36

Monster Mutt Dalmatian- 32

Blue Thunder- 30 (crash)

Grave Digger- 30 (broke)

Main 048
Main 089

Stone Crusher Damaging The Body

Captain's Curse- 29

El Toro Loco- 28 (crash)

Monster Mutt- 27 (crash)

Donkey Kong- 26 (crash)


Black Stallion Before Rolling Over

Black Stallion- 25 (crash)

Stone Crusher- 24 (crash)


Scarlet Bandit Doing A Barrel Roll


Scarlet Bandit Damaging The Body After Barrel Rolling

Safe Auto Minimizer- 24 (crash)

Team Suzuki- 23 (broke)

Pastrana 199- 20

An Escalade- 18 (crash)

Air Force Afterburner- 18 (crash)

Avenger- 17 (crash)

Donkey Kong mid endo flip

Batman- 16 (crash)

King Krunch- 13 (crash)

Bounty Hunter- 12 (crash)

Superman- 8 (crash)

Maximum Destruction- 6 (crash)

Destroyer- 5 (crash)

Iron Outlaw- 4 (broke)



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Doing A Bonus Freestyle Between Rounds Of Racing

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Randy Brown freestyle- Between rounds and after Backwards Bob and Spitfire. Rolled during it's second apperance.

Debut of Backwards Bob and Dragon's Breath (as Spitfire). Spitfire rolled after hitting a Maximum Destruction left on the track from fresstlye and Backwards Bob shread off a tire.


Spitfire And Backwards Bob At The Encore

Second Maximum Destruction, crashing immediately in an almost identical fashion to the original freestyle earlier that night.

Other Awards

Rising Star – Ed Eckert

Extreme Air – Dennis Anderson Arena Wheelie – Neil Elliott

Stadium Wheelie – Bobby Parr

Save – Don Frankish

Rookie – Kristy Edge

Crash Madness – Neil Elliott

Sportsman – Trey Myers

Stadium Freestyle – Dennis Anderson

Mechanic – Eric Schweikard

WOW Factor – Tom Meents

Team – Monster Trucks Ltd (Sims)

Pit Party (Non-Competing Trucks)

Airborne Ranger



Deal Breaker

Dragon Slayer

Iron Warrior


Jurassic Attack

Kaptain Insano


Martial Law

Maverik Monster Trakker


Natural High



Sheer Insanity

Sin City Crusher

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Stone Crusher Ride

Sudden Impact


Traxxas T-Maxx

War Wizard (Ride Truck)

Wrecking Crew