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Monster Jam World Finals 7 was held on March 25, 2006 at Sam Boyd Stadium. This would be the first World Finals to have 24 trucks and the first of two World Finals with one defending champion, to not compete (as Madusa was dropped from Monster Jam before the World Finals). This would also be the last time that Monster Jam used the American flag seat protection.

Track Layout

Left side - Fountain and bus stack

Center - Two lengthwise buses put into a jump

Right side - 30 foot tall trailer, trailer on the bed, and a garbage truck


Air Force Afterburner - Paul Cohen


An Escalade - George Balhan (White)

Avenger - Jim Koehler (Chrome)

Batman - Jason Childress (World Finals Debut)

Black Smith - Pablo Huffaker

Blue Thunder - Tony Farrell

Bounty Hunter - Jimmy Creten

Brutus - Chris Bergeron

Del Scorcho - Frank Krmel

Destroyer - Dan Evans

El Toro Loco - Lupe Soza

Grave Digger 20 - Dennis Anderson

Hot Wheels - Neil Elliott

Iron Outlaw - Linsey Weenk (World Finals Debut)

King Krunch - David Smith

Maximum Destruction - Tom Meents

Monster Mutt - Charlie Pauken

Pastrana 199 - Chad Tingler (World Finals Debut)

Predator - Allen Pezo

Safe Auto Minimizer - Marc McDonald (World Finals Debut)

Superman - Chad Fortune

Taz - Adam Anderson (World Finals Debut)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Randy Brown (World Finals Debut)

Team Suzuki - Kathy Winston

Round 1 Racing

Brutus vs. Maximum Destruction

An Escalade vs. King Krunch

Air Force Afterburner vs. Superman

Avenger vs. El Toro Loco

Monster Mutt vs. Batman

Del Scorcho vs. Team Suzuki

TMNT vs. Taz

Destroyer vs. Predator

Round 2 Racing

Grave Digger vs. Maximum Destruction

Safe Auto Minimizer vs. An Escalade

Hot Wheels vs. Air Force Afterburner

Pastrana 199 vs. El Toro Loco

Iron Outlaw vs. Monster Mutt

Black Smith vs. Del Scorcho

Blue Thunder vs. Taz

Bounty Hunter vs. Predator

Round 3 Racing

Grave Digger vs. Safe Auto Minimizer

Hot Wheels vs. Pastrana 199

Iron Outlaw vs. Black Smith

Taz vs. Bounty Hunter

Semi Finals Racing


Championship race

Grave Digger vs. Hot Wheels (crashes)

Black Smith vs. Bounty Hunter

Championship Race

Grave Digger vs. Bounty Hunter


Maximum Destruction - 37 (crash)


Grave Digger - 33 (crash)

Monster Mutt - 32 (crash)

Del Scorcho - 29

King Krunch - 26

Blue Thunder - 24 (crash)

Superman - 23 (crash)

Taz - 22 (crash)

TMNT - 22


Destroyer - 22

Batman - 21

Air Force Afterburner - 20

An Escalade - 20 (crash)

Safe Auto Minimizer - 18 (crash)


Predator - 17

Pastrana 199 - 16 (crash)

Avenger - 16 (crash)

Team Suzuki - 15

Iron Outlaw - 14

Black Smith - 13 (crash)

Bounty Hunter - 12

El Toro Loco - 11

Brutus - 10

Hot Wheels - DNF


Grave Digger 19 at the encore



A second Grave Digger (19 driven by Charlie Pauken) and a second Maximum Destruction (driven by Neil Elliott) hit the track. 


  • Air Force Afterburner ran the old Chevy grill during qualifying, despite running an Escalade body at the event.

    Air Force Afterburner with the chevy grill

  • Escalade ran a white body at this event.
  • This is the only World Finals appearance of Jason Childress as a competitor.

Pit Party (Non-Competing Trucks)

Advanced Auto Parts Metal Monster



Big Dummy

Bob and Tom Show


El Matador

Grave Digger #19

Jurassic Attack


Second Maximum Destruction




Tuff E'Nuff