Monster Jam World Finals 6 was held on March 19, 2005 at Sam Boyd Stadium. This year was best remembered as the only World Finals so far in which it rained during the show: it was raining during racing, but by freestyle, the rain had dissipated. This was also the only show that had a 20 truck line up, the first to use the freestyle tie breaker, and the first for the trucks to start on dirt outside the stadium instead of concrete.

Track shot vegas

Track Layout

The track included a box van jump in the center on top of a dirt pad, a bus stack and 30 foot trailer on the left, and a garbage truck stack and fountain jump on the right. This would be the first year Jim Koehler jumped into the fountain after freestyle.


An Escalade- George Balhan (World Finals Debut)

Avenger- Jim Koehler

Black Smith- Pablo Huffaker

Black Stallion- Michael Vaters

Blue Thunder- Tony Farrell

Bounty Hunter- Jimmy Creten

Brutus- Chris Bergeron (World Finals Debut)

Destroyer- Dan Evans

El Toro Loco- Lupe Soza

Grave Digger 19- Dennis Anderson

Gunslinger- Scott Hartsock

Hot Wheels- Phil Foster (World Finals Debut)

King Krunch- David Smith

Madusa- Madusa

Maximum Destruction- Tom Meents

Monster Mutt- Bobby Z

Pastrana 199- Paul Cohen

Power Forward- Frank Krmel (World Finals Debut)

Scarlet Bandit- Dawn Creten (World Finals Debut)

Superman- Chad Fortune

Special Paint Schemes

Avenger ran a special half-green half-orange paint scheme for the World Finals.

Black Stallion ran special yellow tires for the event.

Destroyer ran a special yellow body

Round 1 Racing

Brutus vs. Pastrana 199 (wins but breaks a wheel and cannot return)

An Escalade vs. Avenger

Scarlet Bandit vs. King Krunch

Destroyer vs. Black Stallion

Round 2 Racing

Bounty Hunter vs. Brutus

Power Forward vs. Blue Thunder

Grave Digger vs. An Escalade

Black Smith vs. Maximum Destruction

Gunslinger (blown engine) vs. King Krunch

Superman vs. Hot Wheels (wins but breaks and cannot return)

Monster Mutt vs. El Toro Loco

Madusa vs. Destroyer

Round 3 Racing

Bounty Hunter vs. Blue Thunder

Grave Digger vs. Black Smith

King Krunch vs. Hot Wheels (bye-run)

El Toro Loco vs. Madusa

Semi Finals Racing

Bounty Hunter vs. Grave Digger

King Krunch vs. Madusa

Championship Race

Grave Digger vs. Madusa


Bounty Hunter- 31 (won the tie breaker)

Blue Thunder- 31 (crash)

King Krunch- 27

Black Stallion- 27

Destroyer- 26

Scarlet Bandit- 25

An Escalade- 25 (crash)

Avenger- 25 (crash)

Superman- 24

Monster Mutt- 24

Power Forward- 23 (crash)

Grave Digger- 23 (crash)

Maximum Destruction- 22 (crash)

Brutus- 20 (crash)

Pastrana 199- 20

Hot Wheels- 20

Black Smith- 18 (crash)

Madusa- 13 (crash)

El Toro Loco- 8

Gunslinger- DNF


This encore would feature Dennis Anderson and Tom Meents performing a duel freestyle. Dennis drove Grave Digger 16 and Tom used both Maximum Destructions. Part way into the encore Meents rolled while performing a donut and he kept driving the truck while it was upside down untill he collided with Grave Digger 19, which was stuck in the semi-trailer jump. Dennis continued on while Meents went to get the other Maximum Destruction and returned to the floor. They both ended their runs by driving into the backside of the semi-trailer and rolled their trucks right next to eachother.

Non Competing Trucks

Advanced Auto Parts Metal Monster

Airborne Ranger



2nd Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder (Ride Truck)



Grave Digger 16

2nd Gunslinger (Chevy)

2nd Hot Wheels


Iron Warrior

Jurassic Attack


2nd Maximum Destruction


Natural High


Surf Monster

Team Suzuki


The Patriot

Tuff E'Nuff
IMG 1233

Vette King