The competitors posing for a photo

Monster Jam World Finals 4 was held on March 22, 2003 at Sam Boyd Stadium. This would be the first World Finals shown on SPEED, the first World Finals in which Tom Meents didn't get at least one championship, and the first World Finals in which Dennis Anderson did not compete, as he was recovering from a broken hand. Pablo Huffaker would compete for him in Grave Digger.

Such an incident would not happen again until 14 years later at Monster Jam World Finals 18, in which Dennis would not compete due to internal injuries, except in this case, Tom Meents would also be out due to an injury.

A good amount of fans who were in attendance had negative thoughts on this event comparing it from the year before.

Track Layout

The racing track was the same as last years, with the freestyle track including two buses facing longways in the center, a rail car and a 30 foot tall trailer on the right side, two campers added to the left lane, a rock pile and dumpster truck on the right side, and a bus and trailer on a bed in the right lane.


Avenger - Jim Koehler

Blacksmith - Carl Van Horn

Black Stallion - Michael Vaters

Blue Thunder - Lyle Hancock

Bounty Hunter - Jimmy Creten

El Toro Loco - Lupe Soza (World Finals debut)

Grave Digger 16 - Pablo Huffaker

Gunslinger - Scott Hartsock

Madusa - Madusa

Maximum Destruction - Tom Meents

Monster Mutt - Todd Frolik (World Finals debut)

Power Forward - Chad Fortune

SoBe - Kathy Winston (World Finals debut)

Spider-Man - Bobby Z (World Finals debut)

Sudden Impact - John Seasock

Wolverine - Brian Barthel

Racing Round 1

Bounty Hunter vs. Power Forward


Madusa vs. Blue Thunder

Spider Man vs. SoBe

Black Smith vs. El Toro Loco


Black Stallion, Crashing

Grave Digger vs. Maximum Destruction

Gunslinger vs. Black Stallion (crashes)

Sudden Impact vs. Monster Mutt

Wolverine vs. Avenger

Racing Round 2

Bounty Hunter vs. Madusa

Spider Man vs. Black Smith

Maximum Destruction vs. Gunslinger

Sudden Impact vs. Wolverine

Racing Semi Finals

Gunslinger (blown engine) vs. Wolverine

Bounty Hunter vs. Black Smith

Championship Race

Bounty Hunter vs. Wolverine



Avenger during his World Championship Freestyle

Avenger - 37


El Toro Loco - 36


Monster Mutt's first World Finals Freestyle

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Blue Thunder - 34 (crash)

Madusa - 32

Black Stallion - 30

Power Forward - 29

Sudden Impact - 27

Black Smith - 24

SoBe - 22

Spider Man - 22

Grave Digger - 20 (crash)


Wolverine - 16

Bounty Hunter - 14

Maximum Destruction - 13

Monster Mutt - 9 (crash)

Gunslinger - DNS



Blue Thunder During The Encore

Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction 2, and two Blue Thunders hit the track.

Other Rewards

  • Rookie of the Year: Rick Raab, American Guardian & George Balhan, Spider-Man
  • Extreme Air: Scott Hartsock, Gunslinger
  • Crash Madness: Dennis Anderson, Grave Digger
  • Save of the Year: Dennis Anderson, Grave Digger
  • Improved Team: David Rappach, Rap Attack & David Smith, King Krunch
  • Team of the Year: Racesource Race Team, Pablo, Tina & Ryan Huffaker, Carl Van Horn, Grave Digger & Blacksmith
  • Special Recognition for Innovations in the Sport: Patrick Enterprises (Samson), Racesource Race Team (Grave Digger & Blacksmith), 2Xtreme Racing (Bounty Hunter & Scarlet Bandit) & Deist Safety
  • Special Recognition Award: Special T Tracks, Pro Tracks, & Dirt Wurx
  • Sponsor of the Year: Ford
  • Freestyle of the Year: Tom Meents, Maximum Destruction
  • Sportsman of the Year: Rick Disharoon, Backdraft


  • This Monster Jam World Finals had the fewest crashes of any Monster Jam World Finals event; only four crashes in total (one in racing and three in freestyle).
  • This was SoBe's only World Finals appearance (as Kathy Wintson transferred to Team Suzuki for next year's World Finals).
  • This was the first world finals where a non-FELD owned truck, which was Avenger driven by Jim Koehler, won a World Finals championship.
    Screenshot 2018-05-08-17-32-36
  • Screenshot 2018-05-08-17-32-47
    Pablo Huffaker was planned to drive Dennis' Grave Digger 14. Pablo could not reach the controls well, and ended up crashing through Thunder Alley during practice runs. As a result, Pablo drove Grave Digger 16 instead for the rest of the show.
  • Dennis Anderson was in the broadcast booth for both the racing and freestyle shows on SPEED.
  • This would be the final TV appearance of Lyle Hancock and Todd Frolik as both retired after this event.
  • This would be the final World Finals event to have Spider-Man and Wolverine, before 2010 when Spider Man returned and 2012 with Wolverine.
    • Additionally, this was the only World Finals event to have
      Screenshot 2018-05-08-17-33-55
      the original versions of both Marvel trucks compete for both racing and freestyle.
  • This was the first World Finals where Dennis Anderson did not compete.
    Screenshot 2018-05-08-17-33-36

Non Competing trucks

Second Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder (Ride Truck)


Demolition Man

Destroyer (Ride Truck)

Grave Digger 14 (Dennis')

High Roller

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Little Tiger

20170811 231310

Second Maximum Destruction

Ragin Steel

Scarlet Bandit

Super Trucker