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The 16 trucks posing for a picture

Monster Jam World Finals 3 was held on March 23, 2002 at Sam Boyd Stadium. Tom Meents in Team Meents would end up sweeping the event once again. This show was also the debut for the Hot Wheels monster truck. This was also the last World Finals to be broadcasted live on Pay-Per-View.

The track layout was the same as the last two years racing-wise, with a massive jump with a bus on top in the middle, a bus stack and a sea container on the left, and a 30-foot tall trailer and another bus stack on the right.

Screenshot 2018-09-01-00-35-55


For freestyle, a camper on a flatbed trailer would be added at the right lane entrance. Two cars would be added to the left lane entrance, and numerous additional cars and vans were added to the racing car pads and several motorhomes were added to the course as well.



Avenger - Jim Koehler

Black Smith - Pablo Huffaker

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Black Stallion - Michael Vaters

Power Forward at the Pit Party


El Toro Loco at the pit party

Blue Thunder - Lyle Hancock

Bounty Hunter - Jimmy Creten (World Finals Debut)

Bulldozer - Guy Wood

Firemouth - Carl Van Horn (World Finals Debut)

Grave Digger 20th Anniversary - Dennis Anderson

Screenshot 2018-09-01-00-42-24

Grave Digger takes down the catch fence during racing

Gunslinger - Scott Hartsock

Hot Wheels - Eldon DePew (Last World Finals appearance)

Madusa - Madusa

Power Forward - Chad Fortune (World Finals Debut)

Predator - Allen Pezo

Sudden Impact - John Seasock

Team Meents - Tom Meents

Wolverine - Brian Barthel

Racing Round 1

Team Meents vs. Blue Thunder (DNS)

Madusa vs. Gunslinger

Bulldozer vs. Power Forward (crashes)


Grave Digger 20th Anniversary vs. Black Stallion (Red Lighted)

Black Smith vs. Firemouth

Hot Wheels vs. Predator

Sudden Impact vs. Avenger (crashes)

Wolverine vs. Bounty Hunter

Racing Round 2

Team Meents vs. Gunslinger

Grave Digger 20th Anniversary vs. Bulldozer (crashes)

Black Smith vs. Hot Wheels (crashes)

Sudden Impact vs. Bounty Hunter

Racing Semi Finals

Team Meents vs. Grave Digger 20th Anniversary

Black Smith vs. Bounty Hunter

Championship Race

Team Meents (crashes) vs. Bounty Hunter
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Team Meents- 37 (crashes)

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Grave Digger 20th Anniversary- 36 (crashes)


Black Smith- 35

Blue Thunder- 35 (crashes)

Black Stallion- 32

Wolverine- 30

Bulldozer's first move, which would end his freestyle run

Sudden Impact- 24

Firemouth- 24

Bounty Hunter- 22 (crashes)

Bulldozer's unseen freestyle Noteably not on home video but on pay-per-view.

Predator- 21

Gunslinger- 20

Madusa- 19 (crashes)

Hot Wheels- 17 (crashes)

Power Forward- 12 (crashes)

Bulldozer- 8 (crashes)

Avenger- 8 (crashes)

Screenshot 2018-07-26-09-48-19

Wolverine's yearbook page, featuring a scene from the Encore (Right corner)


Wolverine, Bulldozer, Blacksmith, 2nd Grave Digger, and 2nd Team Meents (rear-engined) come out for an encore.

Other Rewards


Wolverine at the encore.


  • This was the first World Finals event to have all the trucks in the field compete for freestyle.
  • This was the first World Finals event where a certain monster truck was unable to compete for racing (Blue Thunder).
  • Bulldozer's freestyle was not seen on the VHS and DVD releases, and was only seen on the Pay-Per View broadcast of the event. He did a wheelie, which caused him to hit a van and roll over.
  • This was the only World Finals appearance of Team Meents and Firemouth.
  • This event marks Gun Slinger's last World Finals appearance in freestyle until Monster Jam World Finals 11 in 2010 when it returned with a different body design. In Monster Jam World Finals 4 and 6, the old version's motor was blown in racing.
  • Avenger, Blue Thunder, Firemouth, and Power Forward all crashed in qualifying, yet both Avenger and Power Forward did make qualifying times.
  • This was the last event to take place during the TNN era as in 2003, Monster Jam moved to SPEED Channel.
  • This is the first event to feature drivers in the broadcast booth during racing and freestyle. In this event, drivers such as Tom Meents, Madusa (Debra Miceli), Lyle Hancock, Jim Koehler, and others joined in. One driver who wasn't in the field, Dawn Creten (driver of Scarlet Bandit, which was only displayed at the pit party) also joined in during Bounty Hunter's freestyle run.
  • This was the first time in qualifying that the trucks ran the track

without any of their fiberglass body panels, a tradition that continues to this day.

  • This is the only World Finals to date to have the racing champion (Team Meents) crash in racing. The truck crashed after a failed donut attempt after the race.
  • Grave Digger took down sections of the catch fence in Thunder Alley at two different times, at both lanes of the track. Interestingly enough, this was never pointed out by the announcers.

Non Competing Trucks

Second Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder Ride

Destroyer (Ride Truck)

El Toro Loco

Multiple Grave Diggers


Little Tiger



Ragin Steel


Unknown FELD truck (chassis used for rear-engined Team Meents)

Scarlet Bandit

Surf Monster

Screenshot 2018-07-26-12-48-09

Rear Engined Team Meents and a spare Grave Digger

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