Tom Meents mid double backflip attempt

Monster Jam World Finals 14 was held on March 22, 2013 in Sam Boyd Stadium. This would be the only World Finals with 28 trucks, the last single day World Finals, and the first World Finals where the Young Guns Shootout Champion competed in the main show.

Track Layout

Center- Step up plateau with the racing lanes on the side


Left side- Step up jump with a car plateau and backflip trailer

Right side- Mirrored the left side

Far end- Shipping container and a backflip wall used for the encore

Near end- Fountain jump

Young Guns Shootout


Bad Habit- Joe Sylvester (Young Guns Shootout debut)

Barbarian- Devin Jones (Young Guns Shootout debut)

Crushstation- Greg Wichenbach (Young Guns Shootout debut)

El Diablo- JP Ruggiero (Young Guns Shootout debut)

El Toro Loco (Yellow)- Becky McDonough

Hooked- Steven Sims (Young Guns Shootout debut)

Iron Man- Morgan Kane

Monster Mutt Dalmatian- Taryn Laskey (Young Guns Shootout debut)

Nitro Hornet- Daron Basl (Young Guns Shootout debut)

Razin Kane- JR McNeal

Titan- Donald Epidendio

Wolverine- Dustin Brown (Young Guns Shootout debut)

Round 1

El Diablo vs. Barbarian

Razin Kane vs. Bad Habit

Nitro Hornet vs. El Toro Loco (Yellow)

Monster Mutt Dalmatian vs. Crushstation

Round 2

Titan vs. Barbarian

Wolverine vs. Bad Habit

Hooked vs. Nitro Hornet

Iron Man vs. Crushstation

Semi Finals

Titan vs. Bad Habit

Nitro Hornet vs. Iron Man

Championship Race

Bad Habit vs. Iron Man


The Young Guns Shootout Encore featured all of the Young Guns Shootout competitors doing donuts.


Advance Auto Parts Grinder- John Seasock (racing)/Lupe Soza (freestyle)

Avenger- Jim Koehler

Bad Habit- Joe Sylvester (World Finals Debut)

Batman- Norman Miller (racing)/Carl Van Horn (freestyle)

Blue Thunder- Pablo Huffaker

Bounty Hunter- Jimmy Creten

Captain America- Chad Fortune

Captain's Curse- Alex Blackwell

El Toro Loco (Black)- Marc McDonald

Grave Digger- Dennis Anderson

Grave Digger the Legend- Adam Anderson

Iron Man- Lee O'Donnell

Lucas Oil Crusader- Linsey Weenk

Madusa- Madusa

Max-D: Decade of Destruction- Tom Meents

Metal Mulisha- Todd LeDuc

Mohawk Warrior- George Balhan

Monster Energy- Damon Bradshaw

Monster Mutt- Charlie Pauken

Monster Mutt Dalmatian- Candice Jolly

Northern Nightmare- Cam McQueen

Scooby Doo- Nicole Johnson (World Finals Debut)

Son-Uva Digger- Ryan Anderson

Spider-Man- Bari Musawwir

Stone Crusher- Steve Sims

Superman- Jon Zimmer

Team Hot Wheels Firestorm- Scott Buetow (World Finals Debut)

Zombie- Sean Duhon (World Finals Debut)

Racing Round 1

Northern Nightmare vs. Team Hot Wheels Firestorm

Grave Digger vs. Bad Habit

Son Uva Digger vs. Advance Auto Parts Grinder

Grave Digger the Legend vs. Monster Energy

Mohawk Warrior vs. Monster Mutt Dalmatian

Lucas Oil Crusader vs. Captain America

Stone Crusher vs. Scooby Doo

El Toro Loco (Black) vs. Superman

Monster Mutt vs. Madusa

Bounty Hunter vs. Zombie

Metal Mulisha vs. Batman


Spider Man vs. Avenger (crashes in Thunder Alley)

Racing Round 2

Max-D Decade of Destruction vs. Northern Nightmare

Grave Digger vs. Son Uva Digger

Grave Digger the Legend vs. Mohawk Warrior

Captain America vs. Blue Thunder

Captain's Curse vs. Stone Crusher

El Toro Loco (Black) vs. Monster Mutt

Bounty Hunter vs. Metal Mulisha

Spider Man vs. Iron Man

Racing Round 3

Max-D Decade of Destruction vs. Son Uva Digger

Grave Digger the Legend vs. Blue Thunder

Stone Crusher vs. El Toro Loco (Black)

Bounty Hunter vs. Spider Man

Racing Semi Finals

Max-D Decade of Destruction vs. Grave Digger the Legend

El Toro Loco (Black) vs. Spider Man

Championship Race

Grave Digger the Legend vs. El Toro Loco (Black)


Max-D Decade of Destruction- 34 (crash)

Blue Thunder- 30

Superman- 28

Stone Crusher- 27 

Iron Man- 27

Lucas Oil Crusader- 27  

Team Hot Wheels Firestorm- 25

Metal Mulisha- 25 (crash)

Grave Digger the Legend- 25 (crash)

Monster Energy- 24 (crash)

Grave Digger- 24

Zombie- 23

Avenger- 23 (crash)

Son Uva Digger- 23

Monster Mutt Dalmatian- 22

Northern Nightmare- 22 (crash)

Bad Habit- 21

El Toro Loco- 20 (crash)

Captain's Curse- 19

Captain America- 18

Madusa- 16

Monster Mutt- 12 (crash)

Mohawk Warrior- 8 (crash)

Advance Auto Parts Grinder- 8 (crash)

Scooby Doo- 7 (crash)

Spider Man- 7 (crash)

Batman- 6 (crash)

Bounty Hunter- DNF


Max-D Decade of Destruction encore with double backflip attempt (Tom did 1 3/4 backflips and bounced onto all fours).

Similarity with World Finals 6

What's interesting to note is that both this year and World Finals 6 served as "transitional" years as in where the field would be upped by four trucks (16-20 for WF6. 24-28 for WF14) before transitioning to a new standard number of trucks the following year (24 starting in WF7 and 32 starting in WF15).

Other Awards

Wheelie (online fan vote) – Monster Mutt (Neil Elliott) – Arnhem

Stadium Wheelie (online fan vote) – Wrecking Crew (Steve Koehler) – Toronto Rising Star – Barbarian (Devin Jones) / Team HW Firestorm (Scoot Buetow)

Arena Wheelie – Bad News Travels Fast (Brandon Derrow) – Charleston, WV

Arena Freestyle (online fan vote) – Crushstation (Greg Winchenbach) – Milwaukee

Donut – Grinder (John Seasock) – Richmond, VA

WOW Factor – Monster Energy (Damon Bradshaw) – San Diego / Lucas Oil Crusader (Linsey Weenk) – San Diego

Save – Max-D (Tom Meents) – Orlando / King Krunch (David Smith) – Arlington

Extreme Air – Avenger (Jim Koehler) – Arlington

Rookie - Wolverine (Dustin Brown)

Sportsman (Driver vote) – Avenger (Jim Koehler)

Stadium Freestyle – Grave Digger (Charlie Pauken) – Phoenix

Crash Madness – Scooby-Doo (Nicole Johnson) – New Orleans

UTI Technician of the Year – Grave Digger The Legend (Cole Venard)

Team of the Year – Monster Mutt Dalmatian / Lucas Oil Crusader


This was the last World Finals to have a competitor out for freestyle.

Pit Party (Non-Competing Trucks)

Airborne Ranger

American Graffiti

Bad News Travels Fast

Bucked Up

California Kid

Captain USA




Double Trouble


Fatal Attraction

Get Er Done

Grave Digger 11

Hog Wild

Ice Cream Man

King Krunch

Maverik Monster Trakker





Play'n For Keeps

Robo Machine


Scarlet Bandit

Sergeant Smash

Sheer Insanity

Strait Jacket



Time Flys


Tow Monster

World Finals XIV Ride Truck

Wrecking Crew