Monster Jam World Finals 13 was held on March 24, 2012 at Sam Boyd Stadium. This would be the last World Finals to have 24 trucks, and the first one to integrate the Young Guns Shootout, although the winner did not compete in the World Finals. This year also created a bit of controversy as Ryan Anderson suffered a spinal fracture during a crash during the encore. This was also the first World Finals to have a Canadian win a World Finals championship, it being Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare in freestyle.

Track Layout

Same as last years, with a steeper and longer center jump, and the step up and backflip ramp switching sides.

Young Guns Shootout

Held on Friday night, this consisted of drivers who have not competed in the World Finals.


Advance Auto Parts Grinder- Nicole Johnson

El Toro Loco- Becky McDonough

Iron Man- Scott Buetow

Razin Kane- JR McNeal

Spider-Man- Bari Musawwir

Stone Crusher- Morgan Kane

Titan- Donald Epidendio

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Joey Parnell

Round 1 Racing

Stone Crusher vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Titan vs. Spider Man

Iron Man vs. Advance Auto Parts Grinder

El Toro Loco vs. Razin Kane

Semi Finals Racing

Stone Crusher vs. Spider Man

El Toro Loco vs. Advance Auto Parts Grinder

Championship Race

Advance Auto Parts Grinder vs. Spider Man


Advance Auto Parts Grinder- John Seasock (racing)/Lupe Soza (freestyle)

Avenger- Jim Koehler

Bounty Hunter- Jimmy Creten

Brutus- Chris Bergeron

Captain America- Chad Fortune

Captain's Curse- Pablo Huffaker

El Toro Loco- Marc McDonald

Grave Digger 30th Anniversary- Dennis Anderson

Grave Digger the Legend- Adam Anderson

Iron Man- Lee O'Donnell

Lucas Oil Crusader- Linsey Weenk

Madusa- Madusa

Maximum Destruction- Tom Meents

Metal Mulisha- Todd LeDuc (World Finals Debut)

Mohawk Warrior- George Balhan

Monster Energy- Damon Bradshaw

Monster Mutt- Charlie Pauken

Monster Mutt Dalmatian- Candice Jolly

Northern Nightmare- Cam McQueen

Spider-Man- Chad Tingler

Son-Uva Digger- Ryan Anderson (World Finals Debut)

Stone Crusher- Steve Sims

Team Hot Wheels- Neil Elliott

Wolverine- Alex Blackwell

Racing Round 1

Monster Mutt vs. Spider Man

El Toro Loco vs. Brutus

Iron Man vs. Monster Mutt Dalmatian

Avenger vs. Northern Nightmare

Stone Crusher vs. Grave Digger 30th Anniversary

Advance Auto Parts Grinder vs. Madusa

Bounty Hunter vs. Mohawk Warrior

Wolverine vs. Captain America

Racing Round 2

Metal Mulisha vs. Spider Man

Maximum Destruction vs. El Toro Loco

Team Hot Wheels vs. Iron Man

Grave Digger the Legend vs. Northern Nightmare

Monster Energy vs. Grave Digger 30th Anniversary

Lucas Oil Crusader vs. Advance Auto Parts Grinder

Son Uva Digger vs. Bounty Hunter

Captain's Curse vs. Wolverine

Racing Round 3

Spider Man vs. Maximum Destruction

Team Hot Wheels vs. Grave Digger the Legend

Monster Energy vs. Lucas Oil Crusader (crashes)

Son Uva Digger vs. Wolverine

Racing Semi Finals

Maximum Destruction vs. Grave Digger the Legend

Monster Energy vs. Wolverine

Championship Race

Maximum Destruction vs. Monster Energy

Racing Encore

All Young Guns Shootout competitors did donuts.



Cam McQueen on his way to winning freestyle

Northern Nightmare- 38

Bounty Hunter- 32

Stone Crusher- 30

Son Uva Digger- 30 (crash)

Team Hot Wheels- 30 (crash)

Grave Digger the Legend- 30

El Toro Loco- 27 (stuck on the trailer, later got knocked down by a purple grave digger during the encore.)

Monster Energy- 27 (crash)

Brutus- 26

Mohawk Warrior- 25 (note, George did two consecutive backflips)

Captain America- 25

Grave Digger 30th Anniversary- 25 (crash)

Spider Man- 24

Metal Mulisha- 23 (crash)

Iron Man- 23 (crash)

Lucas Oil Crusader- 21

Wolverine- 18

Advance Auto Parts Grinder- 18 (crash)

Monster Mutt- 16 (crash)

Maximum Destruction- 16

Captain's Curse- 15 (crash)

Avenger- 13 (crash)

Madusa- 11 (crash)

Monster Mutt Dalmatian- 4 (crash)

Freestyle Encore

Grave Digger encore

Ryan Anderson was in the flipped over truck on the ground, moments after the injury. Dennis Anderson (in the purple truck next to him), landed on his truck.

The Encore was the 30th Anniversary celebration for Grave Digger. Multiple Grave Diggers hit the track, all of which with different paint designs, including a rebuilt version of the red Grave Digger 1, Grave Digger the Legend, the throwback "Grandma" Grave Digger (a rebuilt version of Grave Digger 1's final, black and green incarnation), and various 30th anniversary Grave Diggers (It is not quite known if Son Uva Digger was intended to be featured in the encore, but since the truck sustained damage from freestyle that night, it is most likely that it was planed for use, but left out due to the damage). Then, four of the Grave Diggers lined up to hit a trailer pulled out into the middle of the track, two on each side (also, during this, an additional Grave Digger came out and began doing donuts while igniting sparks everywhere). Then, all four Grave Diggers jumped the trailer, all crashing into and even colliding with each other. Two Grave Diggers, including Ryan Anderson's, crashed while the other two, including Dennis Anderson's, were able to continue (Dennis Anderson would also go on to knock El Toro Loco off of a van stack, left over from freestyle). All remaining trucks resumed freestyle until they all ended up on their roofs, except for one, which performed a spinning pirouette on a ramp just before ending its run.

The encore was met with controversy as Ryan Anderson had seriously injured himself during the four truck trailer stunt. The Grave Digger that Dennis Anderson was driving landed on top of Ryan's truck after it rolled over, causing Ryan spinal injury. During the afterward interviews with the other drivers, an ambulance had to be brought out onto the track for him. He subsequently sat out until December 2012.

What is most likely the reason of controversy was the risky nature of the stunt that caused Ryan's injury, since it was pretty much planned to have all of the Grave Diggers collide with each other, literally. Though it was not planned for any truck to land on top of another one.

Other Awards

Arena Freestyle (Fan Vote) – Grave Digger (Dennis Anderson) – Birmingham

Stadium Freestyle (Fan Vote) – Max-D (Neil Elliott) – Orlando Arena Wheelie (Fan Vote) – Grave Digger (Pablo Huffaker) – Corpus Christi / Northern Nightmare (Cam McQueen) – London

Stadium Wheelie (Fan Vote) – Grave Digger (Charlie Pauken) – Derby

Save (Fan Vote) – El Toro Loco (Chuck Werner) – Jacksonville

Donut – El Toro Loco (Marc McDonald) – Cedar Park

Crash Madness – Grave Digger (Dennis Anderson) – Jacksonville/ Max-D (Tom Meents) – St. Louis

Extreme Air Award – Avenger (Jim Koehler) – Tampa

WOW Factor - Grinder (Lupe Soza) – Atlanta

Rising Star Award – Stone Crusher (Morgan Kane)

Rookie of the Year – Razin’ Kane (J.R. McNeal) / Titan (Donald Epidendio)

Sportsman of the Year – Monster Trakker (Ron Duncombe)

Team of the Year – High Maintenance (Jeff & Jocelyn Perrin)

Humanitarian Award – SINN Racing

Mechanic of the Year – Monster Energy (Coty Saucier)/ El Toro Loco/Grave Digger (Aaron Basl)

Pit Party (Non-Competing Trucks)


Airborne Ranger

Amsoil Shock Therapy

Captain USA



Double Trouble

Dragon's Breath



The Felon

Grave Digger 11

Hog Wild

Ice Cream Man


Krazy Train

Martial Law

Maverik Monster Trakker


Mechanical Mischief

Mega Bite

Monkey N' Around

Monster Mutt Rottweiler





Play'n For Keeps


Strait Jacket



Time Flys

Tow Monster

Wheels of Freedom

World Finals XIV Ride Truck

Wrecking Crew