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Monster Jam World Finals 12 was held on March 26, 2011 at Sam Boyd Stadium. This year would be quite different as the track was designed by the drivers themselves, in response to their complaints of the track last year. This new track design would be used with slight modifications for the next two World Finals. This would also be the first World Finals since 2004 without a water feature, but Jim Koehler decided to bring out a stretch limo with a hot tub as an alternative.

Track Layout

Center- Instead of car pads, the racing jumps were two dirt jumps built on the side of a step up ramp

Left side- Bus dirt jump, a car pad plateau, and a container used as a backflip ramp

Right side- Cross section step up jump, a car pad plateau, and another step up jump with two box vans added later

Far side- A 3 jammer stack jump

Near side- A jammer stack


Advance Auto Parts Grinder- Frank Krmel (racing only)/Lupe Soza (freestyle only)

Air Force Afterburner- Damon Bradshaw

Amsoil Shock Therapy- Jon Zimmer

Avenger- Jim Koehler

Backdraft- Jeremy Slifko (World Finals Debut)

Batman- Norman Miller (World Finals Debut)

Bounty Hunter- Jimmy Creten

Brutus- Chris Bergeron

Captain's Curse- Alex Blackwell

El Toro Loco- Marc McDonald

Grave Digger 20- Dennis Anderson (racing only)

Grave Digger 24- Dennis Anderson (freestyle only)

Grave Digger the Legend- Adam Anderson

Iron Man- Lee O'Donnell

Lucas Oil Crusader- Linsey Weenk

Madusa- Madusa

Maximum Destruction- Tom Meents

Monster Mutt- Charlie Pauken

Monster Mutt Dalmatian- Candice Jolly

Mohawk Warrior- George Balhan

Nitro Circus- Cam McQueen

Spider-Man- Chad Tingler

Stone Crusher- Steve Sims

Superman- Chad Fortune

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Pablo Huffaker

Racing Round 1

Batman vs. Avenger

Bounty Hunter vs. Mohawk Warrior

Stone Crusher vs. Amsoil Shock Therapy (note, both trucks couldn't come back, so Mohawk Warrior returned for round 2)

Brutus (crashes) vs. Air Force Afterburner

Iron Man vs. Nitro Circus

Advance Auto Parts Grinder vs. Backdraft

Madusa vs. Spider Man

Captain's Curse vs. Grave Digger the Legend

Racing Round 2

Grave Digger vs. Batman

Superman vs. Bounty Hunter

Monster Mutt Dalmatian vs. Mohawk Warrior

TMNT vs. Air Force Afterburner

Lucas Oil Crusader vs. Nitro Circus

El Toro Loco vs. Advance Auto Parts Grinder (crashes)

Monster Mutt vs. Spider Man

Maximum Destruction vs. Captain's Curse

Racing Round 3

Grave Digger vs. Bounty Hunter

Mohawk Warrior vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Lucas Oil Crusader vs. El Toro Loco

Spider Man vs. Maximum Destruction

Racing Semi Finals

Bounty Hunter vs. Mohawk Warrior

Lucas Oil Crusader (crashes) vs. Maximum Destruction

Championship Race

Bounty Hunter vs. Maximum Destruction


Avenger- 32 (crash) (won the tie breaker against Nitro Circus)

Nitro Circus- 32 (completes first backflip in competition in Las Vegas)

Air Force Afterburner- 30 (crash)

Iron Man- 28 (crash)

Bounty Hunter- 28

Mohawk Warrior- 28

El Toro Loco- 27

Lucas Oil Crusader- 27 (crash)

Monster Mutt Dalmatian- 25

Stone Crusher- 24 (crash)

Madusa- 22 (crash)

Grave Digger- 21 (crash)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- 20 (crash)

Superman- 19

Amsoil Shock Therapy- 19

Batman- 18 (crash)

Maximum Destruction- 16 (crash)

Brutus- 13 (crash)

Grave Digger the Legend- 13

Backdraft- 11

Captain's Curse- 10

Monster Mutt- 9

Advance Auto Parts Grinder- 8 (crash)

Spider Man- 4


Monster Truck Son Uva Digger 2011

Son Uva Digger's debut run

Advance Auto Parts Grinder Encore

Maximum Destruction Truck Crash Encore

Son-Uva Digger Debut with backflip

Other Awards

Stadium Wheelie – George Balhan

Rising Star – Darren Migues Arena Wheelie – Chad Fortune

Extreme Air – Adam Anderson

Sky High – Neil Elliott

Donut – Marc McDonald

Rookie – Bari Musawwir / Nick Owens

Save – Lupe Soza

Humanitarian – Candice Jolly/ Brandon Lambert

Arena Freestyle – Adam Anderson

Sportsman – Jim Koehler

Leadership – Scott Douglass


  • Dennis Anderson had to switch to Grave Digger 24 in freestyle due to a blown engine on Grave Digger 20 in racing.
  • This would be the only World Finals appearance of Backdraft as a competitor

Pit Party (Non-Competing Trucks)

Airborne Ranger

Airborne Ranger Too

Blue Thunder

Dragon's Breath

Special Monster Jam juice boxes given out at the event.




Fatal Attraction

General Hazzard

Ground Pounder

Heart Breaker

Hot Tamale


Iron Outlaw

Kids Choice Awards 2011

Martial Law

Maverik Monster Trakker

Michigan Ice Monster

Monster Mutt Rottweiler

Mopar Magic




Play'n For Keeps

Razin Kane


Sheer Insanity


Spike Unleashed

Stone Crusher Ride

Tasmanian Devil


Time Flys



Wrecking Crew