Monster Jam Maximum Destruction
Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction is a vehicle combat game for the PC, NGC, GBA , and PS2 by Ubisoft in which you can battle as 26 of the most famous monster trucks.  It is the only Monster Jam game to recieve a Teen rating by the ESRB due to violence in the game. The game was released in 2002. It is rumored that the game was intended to be released in 2001, as many of the trucks included (Sting, Goldberg, ect) were retired before the 2002 season.

Beta screenshot


In the battles, you must bring down the other truck's energy bars to destroy them. You use weapons found in the arena (Similar to those in Mario Kart and Twisted Metal battles). There are also mini-games, like racing and freestyle.


Original Logo at E3 2001


If you win a season with a truck, another version of the truck would be available as a Champion Truck.

Vette King, Chillin' Villain, and Nitro Machine were originally meant to be in the game, but were scrapped. Also, in one of the company watermarks at the very beginning, "High Roller" is listed under intllectual property of FELD (then PACE) this means that High Roller could have been in the game, but was scrapped due to unknown reasons. The original White Bounty Hunter and Scarlet Bandit trucks were considered, but 2Xtreme racing turned down the offer to allow the trucks into the game.

IMG 2250

A Blacksmith that mas never made in real life

Unlockable Trucks

These trucks can be unlocked if you completed a season by only playing as a champion truck on any difficulty.

Gameboy Advance Version

The following trucks were not included  in the GBA Version.

Besides those cut trucks all others remain in the game.

Gameboy Advance Unlockable Trucks

The Incredible Hulk is the only unlockable truck from both versions. Blue Thunder was made into an unlockable truck instead of being unlocked from the start. All other bonus trucks from the ps2 version were replaced with two fictional trucks Slam Tilt and Emperoar.


Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction received mixed to negative review by critics.

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