Mohawk Warrior
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior circa 2018


FELD Entertainment


Bryce Kenny

Body Style



540ci Merlin


2-Speed Coan


66" Terra



Mohawk Warrior (currently known as Great Clips Mohawk Warrior) is a truck owned by FELD Entertainment and driven by Bryce Kenny. Mohawk Warrior debuted at Monster Jam World Finals 11 as an encore performance and has been in competition since late 2010. The truck gets its name from the original driver, George Balhan, who is known for his mohawk and is the successor to Escalade. In 2013, it was announced that former California Kid driver, BJ Johnson, would begin driving a second Mohawk Warrior for the 2014 season. The truck is probably most famous for the giant mohawk featured on the truck's roof. Mohawk Warrior is featured in the video game, Monster Jam: Path of Destruction. A purple Mohawk Warrior Hot Wheels toy was released in 2015, but was not made into a real truck until 2017 when it debuted in Saudi Arabia.


In 2010, Mohawk Warrior debuted at the Monster Jam World Finals 11 in the encore[1] on the Obsession chassis, and began competing on the Monster Jam circuit. This was after An Escalade's retirement while the same chassis is still used until 2012. The truck also had it's own theme song, Warrior by Nelly.

MJWFXI MohawkWarrior 1 SMALL

Mohawk Warrior debuting on the Obsession chassis.

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Mohawk Warrior from 2010-2013 on the old An Escalade chassis

01864 5

George Balhan's Mohawk Warrior on the new chassis circa 2013

In 2011, George Balhan began his first season driving Mohawk Warrior. He made it to the Monster Jam World Finals 12.

In 2012, George once again made it to the Monster Jam World Finals 13. He didn't win anything, however, he made history, performing two consecutive back flips during his freestyle run.

In 2013, Mohawk Warrior debuted a new chassis. George once again competed at the Monster Jam World Finals 14. He didn't win any championships. BJ Johnson was announced to start driving a 2nd Mohawk Warrior for 2014.

MG 0138

BJ Johnson's Mohawk Warrior from 2014-2015

In 2014, BJ Johnson began driving Mohawk Warrior. He made it to the Young Guns Shootout. George competed in the Monster Jam World Finals 15, but he wasn't able to get a victory. Johnson got invited to the 3rd Young Guns Shootout. Also, his chassis was used in the main competition for Titan, as Titan had a major crash during qualifying and its original chassis was damaged beyond repair, so Titan borrowed this chassis for competition.

In 2015, Balhan got invited to Monster Jam World Finals 16 and Johnson got invited to the 4th Young Guns Shootout.

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Purple Mohawk Warrior 2017

In 2016, Johnson left Mohawk Warrior to drive Gas Monkey Garage. Mohawk Warrior also got a sponsorship from Moto Metal and recieved new wheels for the truck.

In 2017, Bryce Kenny joined the team and drove in the West Triple Threat Tour (More Monster Jam (2017)). George was announced to perform in international events, although for an unknown reason, this did not happen. The truck also got a sponsorship from Great Clips and is now known as the Great Clips Mohawk Warrior. The truck also updated its theme song, which is A Warrior's Call by Volbeat. The truck made it to the Monster Jam World Finals 18 with Kenny driving, the first time for him. A purple version inspired by the Hot Wheels toy from 2014 debuted in Saudi Arabia with Steven Sims driving. He only ran the truck under the name Mohawk Warrior, since it was international. Camden Murphy drove the truck as a fill in for Bryce in Foxborough.

In 2018, the truck started running the Great Clips logo on the truck. The truck also lost its sponsorship from Moto Metal and went back to running its original wheels. Bryce competed in Stadium Championship Series 1, getting 6th place with a total of 235 points[2]. Bryce once again competed at the Monster Jam World Finals 19. Bryce got his first stadium freestyle win with the truck in Syracuse, New York later in the year.

Screenshot 2018-09-13-19-35-00
Screenshot 2018-09-13-19-38-04
DX 4770

Mohawk Warrior with the new wheels circa 2016

SaltLakeCity 010717 KyleRiley (12)

Mohawk Warrior circa 2017


Mohawk Warrior circa 2018

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Mohawk Warrior speedster for the 2017 More MOnster Jam West Tour

20171116 204314

2018 Walmart Exclusive American Flag Design


Mohawk Warrior Hot Wheels prototype. See that the rims are chrome instead of black.

Great Clips thumb

Great Clips Mohawk Warrior Render


Truckin' Pals Cartoon

2015 164 mohawkwarrior v2
2015 164 mohawkwarrior
2015 124 mohawkwarrior

Purple Mohawk Warrior Hot Wheels toy


Mohawk Warrior's Digital Truck Render in Monster Jam: Path of Destruction.

World Finals Appearances

  • 2010 - George Balhan (encore freestyle only)
  • 2011 - George Balhan
  • 2012 - George Balhan
  • 2013 - George Balhan
  • 2014 - George Balhan (YGS: BJ Johnson)
  • 2015 - George Balhan (YGS: BJ Johnson)
  • 2016 - George Balhan
  • 2017 - Bryce Kenny
  • 2018 - Bryce Kenny


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