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Maniac in 2016

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Maniac's current scheme

Maniac is a Ford F-150 monster truck based out of Alberta, Canada. The truck is best known for being created and driven by Don Frankish from 1994-2011 and then sold off to Trent Hickie who drives the truck to this day. Frankish was known for his fast racing style and aggressive freestyle, gaining him a solid fanbase in the mid to late 2000s. It was later sold to Dave Smith out of Stanwood, Washington in 2016.

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1655543 10153861577155524 1271587376 o
1116147 10153927462670051 1976123832 o
Truck Maniac1

Original Maniac

16 -scc 5

Two Maniacs in Rat Race (Left bottom corner)


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