Man of Steel
NVArt ManOfSteel
Man of Steel in 2014


FELD Motorsports (Truck), DC Comics (Name)


Joey Parnell and Randy Brown (World Finals/European Tour)

Body Style

Dodge RAM


540ci Merlin


Coan 2-Speed


66" Terra





The Man of Steel monster truck debuted in 2014 with driver Joey Parnell. Previously known as Superman, the name and design were changed to promote the new Superman movie, Man Of Steel. The truck was discontinued along with Batman in 2015 when DC Comics dropped out of their sponsorship.


In 2013, Man of Steel was announced to begin competing on the Monster Jam circuit in 2014. The truck's render has it on a Ford F-150, however the truck was revealed to be on a RAM body, probably because of RAM's sponsorship in Man of Steel. In 2014, Man of Steel was invited to World Finals XV with Grave Digger driver Randy Brown, who toured with Man of Steel for the 2014 season. Brown would also drive Man of Steel in a couple of European shows as well. Man of Steel would not return for 2015, as DC Comics dropped out of their sponsorship for 2015. In late 2014, a Man of Steel Hot Wheels toy was released, with the toy truck coming with a detachable cape.


The truck's render was a Ford F-150, but the truck in reality became a Dodge Ram.

The toy, when released in 2014, was released as #81, despite the fact that the official line ended at #80. It was a special, unannounced release.


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