Madusa was the name of a monster truck driven by Debra "Madusa" Miceli, one of two wrestlers to actually drive their own monster truck (The other was Chad Fortune in WCW Nitro Machine, albeit only in several occasions). Other drivers included BJ Johnson(Australia 2016) Brianna Mahon, and Kim Crosby. It is also perhaps the most famous truck to be driven by a woman, and the only one to win a world championship. Madusa has competed in World Finals 1-6, 10-15, 16 (Young Guns Shootout only), and 17.


In 1999, SFX Motorsports (now FELD) began building WCW trucks. While most of them had hired veteran drivers to drive their trucks, Madusa drove her own truck. This made the Madusa truck a fan favorite.

She made it to the World Finals in 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003. Then, in 2004, she tied with Maximum Destruction and El Toro Loco for the freestyle win at World Finals V.

She returned to the World Finals in 2005 and won the racing championship. After that she left FELD Motorsports for four years, but returned in 2009 to make her 7th appearance at the World Finals in Las Vegas.While in the hiatus, she temporarily drove a Bigfoot truck known as "Bigfoot Madusa".

In 2010, she did a encore with a body that was directed to Breast Cancer Research on the El Matador chassis, but unfortunately broke a wheel off after going over her first hit.

In 2011, she did a new color, pink, for a year with the same body style from previous years, but in 2012 changed it to a Ford F-150 Pickup.

In 2015, Brianna Mahon drove a red-white-and blue Madusa for the Young Guns Shootout, as Miceli was not be able to compete in World Finals 16 due to her induction to the WWE Hall of Fame. The body was run to celebrate Madusa's 15th Anniversary of driving Monster Trucks, and was a throwback to the 2nd Madusa body.

During first quarter in 2016 the truck was temporarily run as a Zombie. When Madusa suffered a driving related injury in late January a yellow Zombie body would be put on the truck and driven by various drivers for the next two months.

In 2016, Brianna would have to cover yet again for Madusa at the Monster Jam World Finals as she had a driving related injury. She would also cover for the Metlife Stadium show that April as well. Bj Johnson drove Madusa in Australia getting a racing win.  

In 2017, it was supposed to have a chrome paint job, as its final season prior to Madusa's retirement: however, after an injury, she is unable to drive for the 2017 season and is only signing autographs. The chrome version of the truck is considered to be on hiatus until further notice and is possibly now retired unless another driver takes over in the future.



  • It is reference to the term "Medusa".
  • It is shorted version of "Made in the USA".
  • On the Breast Cancer Madusa body, Madusa stood for "Making A Difference in the USA".

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