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Linsey Weenk is a monster truck driver. He drives Built Ford Tough Blue Thunder. He debuted in Jurrasic Attack lucas oil crusader and also drove Iron Outlaw.

Jurrasic Attack Edit

From 2000 to 2005, Linsey shared Jurrasic Attack with his brother, Kevin Weenk. Coincidently, when Linsey Weenk left the Jurrasic Attack team in 2005, his younger brother, Nathan Weenk, became the new driver.

Iron Outlaw Edit

In 2006, Linsey Weenk drove Iron Outlaw, which was Scarlet Bandit until 2006 when Dawn Creten was pregnant. He had a seven-race winning streak in 2006 and made it to the World Finals two years in a row.

Built Ford Tough Blue Thunder Edit

In summer of 2007, Weenk joined the Built Ford Tough Blue Thunder team. He continued his racing success and has made it to every World Finals ever since. He also has a rivalry with brother and El Toro Loco driver Nathan Weenk.

Lucas Oil CrusaderEdit

in 2011 Linsey Weenk debuted the lucas oil crusader while Todd LeDuc drove blue thunder. and won racing in baltimore and cincinnati. and in 2012, he done path of destruction tour in baltimore philly and new jersey. and done racing and freestyle in mexico.

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